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Outlandish hot hatch gears up for first Nürburgring laps as reveal date approaches
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4 October 2021

Honda has officially acknowledged the development of a new Civic Type R for the first time, confirming the next iteration of its VW Golf R rival will launch in 2022.

The Type R is said to be "ready for Nürburgring testing", and the official preview image shows the car in much less camouflage than our previous spy shots. The brand has yet to confirm a precise launch date, but given it appears to be nearly production-ready, we would anticipate a full unveiling at the beginning of 2022. 

Honda's official image confirms that the Renault Mégane RS rival won't be radically different from its predecessor externally. The overall body shape, with its low, wide stance, saloon-style bootlid and big rear wing is familiar, while distinctive triple-exit exhaust pipes anf red brake calipers provide another nod to its performance potential. 

A close look at our spy shots reveals the spoiler features a new raised mounting, while the smaller lip spoiler on the bootlid no longer appears to dissect the rear window. Further visible changes include a lower shoulder line, a lower bonnet line and lower headlights, as previewed by the reveal of the standard Civic hatchback ahead of its European market launch in 2022.

A view of the interior shows what looks like different steering wheel and dashboard designs, alongside a dashtop-mounted touchscreen, although it's difficult to draw conclusions from this early prototype. 

Honda’s electrification plans were accelerated last year with the aim of making all the brand's European sales electrified by 2022, but notably that goal applies to only the brand's "mainstream" products; the Type R is an enthusiast-oriented proposition that accounts for only a small percentage of European sales. 

So it remains a possibility that the Type R will forge ahead with an upgraded and enhanced version of the current car's 2.0-litre turbo four, which sends 316bhp to the front axle for a 0-62mph time of 5.8secs and a top speed of up to 169mph. 

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But it has also been suggested that it could use a hybrid powertrain linked in concept to that of the NSX supercar, which mates a twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 with three electric motors. It's unclear whether that means four-wheel drive, but it's likely if Honda goes full-hybrid in this way.

Such a development would also give Honda more performance potential, as engineers have previously hinted the current car is close to to the realistic limit in terms of power put through only the front wheels.

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shiftright 4 October 2021

Now 200% less ugly!

567 4 October 2021

I actually quite liked the look of the current Honda Civic Type R. Although each to their own.

Peter Cavellini 23 July 2021

Well,it's more than a year since I put up an opinion on this Car,and, I'm afraid it's changed a bit, the type R isn't the only weapon of choice for the now, function over form doesn't essentially matter now it seems,and as these cars start to get heavier, how they handle matters more than how performance comes from the powertrain, there are lovers and not lovers of this Car,just as you get with any other brand,it's a Car, if it makes you happy, who cares what others say?

BlahBlah43 23 July 2021
Sounds like its going to be 500kg heavier than the prior gen if its using the NSX tech