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Cupra goes official with flagship Formentor, set to be powered by same turbo five-pot motor as Audi RS Q3

Cupra will launch a range-topping performance version of the Cupra Formentor SUV powered by an Audi-derived five-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, the company has confirmed. 

As first revealed by Autocar in October last year when the first spy shots emerged, the Cupra Formentor VZ5 is set to be revealed on 22 February to coincide with the sporting brand's third anniversary. 

A darkened preview image has been released showing the rear of the car, which retains the same vertically stacked quad exhausts that were seen on prototypes last year. Otherwise, the car appears broadly similar to less potent versions of the Formentor. 

Technical details of the VZ5 are still under wraps, but Autocar understands that the five-cylinder engine is sourced wholesale from fellow Volkswagen Group brand Audi . In the RS Q3, that motor puts out 395bhp and 354lb ft of torque – enough for a 0-62mph time of 4.5sec. Given that the Formentor should retain those output figures and have a broadly similar kerb weight,  a similar sprint time is expected. 

Wayne Griffiths, Cupra president and CEO, said: "The Cupra Formentor represents the essence of the brand, but the addition of an even more extreme five-cylinder engine to the family – along with seven other powertrains, including performance PHEV - will mark it out as a true enthusiast’s vehicle, something the Cupra community is dedicated to delivering and will allow us to reach new customers.” 

It remains unclear if this model will be offered in both left-hand and right-hand-drive markets, though. Further details will emerge closer to the model's unveiling. 


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catnip 4 February 2021

I'm assuming this will be auto only?

Lanehogger 4 February 2021

I wonder if this engine will also find its way in to the Golf, resulting in a new 'R400'? I seem to recall reports saying that Audi said no to sharing its 5-cylinder engine with the then Mk7 Golf. I don't know if they were just rumours considering that Cupra now appears to be preparing to launch that engine in one of its models.

Peter Cavellini 4 February 2021

 The B' team, Seat get the hand me downs from Audi, other than the exterior design, essentially what's underneath is an Audi,just like a lot of Cars today, is it a bad thing?, well, yes and no, yes, your not strictly getting what it says on the Tin, and no, it means your getting the important stuff underneath, and it's a bit cheaper.