Currently reading: New C-class estate to get four-wheel drive option in 2015
Mercedes to offer new four-wheel-drive C-class estate from the middle of next year, while a hybrid version is also planned

A four-wheel-drive variant of the new Mercedes-Benz C-class estate will reach the UK in the middle of next year.

Following its plan to offer its 4Matic all-wheel-drive technology on the recently launched C-class saloon, Mercedes chiefs have confirmed that the forthcoming wagon will follow suit in the UK.

In some markets, four-wheel drive is increasingly being regarded as a safety feature, and Mercedes is keen to tackle BMW’s xDrive and Audi’s Quattro systems head-on.  

Mercedes-Benz’s head of development Thomas Weber said the flexibility built in to the C-class estate production facility at Bremen would enable left- and right-hand drive variants to roll off the same line.

“All-wheel drive will definitely come to the UK,” he said. “In September, we will start production of two-wheel drive models in left- and right-hand drive. Normally we would start with left-hand drive, but now we can do it in parallel. Then, next year, we will do the 4x4 in left- and right-hand drive.”

Offering the estate in 4x4 in right-hand drive markets is part of Mercedes-Benz’s strategy to further grow sales of the C-class, which is already the manufacturer’s best-selling model.

“I will not talk about specific volume, but definitely we see a huge growth opportunity on the estate side,” said Weber. “It is based on our powertrain line-up, on offering left and right hand drive, and based on the ability of all-wheel drive. In Great Britain and the snow regions of Europe, in the past sometimes we had limitations, now you can have all these features in the estate.”

A plug-in hybrid version of the C-class estate is also in the works. The C300 BlueTec Hybrid, will emit 99g/km of CO2.

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marj 25 May 2014


just seen my next car...
Peter Cavellini 25 May 2014


Does the Merc look like the new Octavia estate?,or does the Octavia estate look like the Merc estate?
HumberView 24 May 2014


S205 C63 T AMG 4Matic.