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New mid-size pick-up will be built alongside the Ranger at Ford's Silverton plant in South Africa
James Attwood, digital editor
2 mins read
26 March 2021

Volkswagen has previewed the production styling of its new Amarok pick-up, which is due in 2022 and being jointly developed with Ford.

The two firms agreed a wide-ranging ‘global alliance’ in 2019 that will include commercial vehicles and electric cars. The next-generation Amarok will be the first model launched as a result of the initiative and is described by Volkswagen as “a major strategic step”.

The latest sketch of the new Amarok was shown as part of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' annual conference. It reveals that the machine is set to gain a bolder, more aggressive grille similar to that seen on the latest Touareg, while the boxy wheel arches recall the American Atlas SUV.

The new machine will be based on the platform used for the Ford Ranger pick-up and the reduced cost of doing so will be key to ensuring Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles arm can achieve the required economies of scale. Ford has invested nearly £800m in preparing its Silverton, South Africa factory to build both models at a rate of 200,000 units per year. 

The factory's expansion will create 1200 new jobs at the site itself, and 10,000 new positions across the whole supply chain, according to Ford. The company aims to take the Silverton facility into 'island mode' by 2024, establishing a raft of efficiency-boosting measures with the aim of going completely 'off-grid'. 

The Ford and Volkswagen agreement will also include a VW van based on the Transit platform, to be built in Turkey, along with Ford electric cars on the VW Group’s MEB architecture entering production in 2023 in Germany. 


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jason_recliner 27 March 2021

Why would you even consider this whn you coiuld have the Ford?  I hope it fails as hard as the X-class.

The current Amarok is pus.

XLR8 26 March 2021

"key to ensuring Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles arm can achieve the required economies of scale".

VWCV have been building LCVs for 70 years, the bulk of which have relied heavily on their passenger car range, e.g. Caddy (platform & powertrain based on the Golf), and other brands (later LT & Crafter based on Sprinter, anyone remember the Taro, which was a Toyota Hilux?)

This just smacks of driving out margin opportunities for the sake of greed, and the brand, which has many dyed-in-the-wool disciples, appears happy to play roulette with their loyalty.

Recent VW product quality isn't great - T6.1 has issues, e.g. with doors, and Ford "quality" appears to be a lottery - you're either lucky or not - with many parts on crazy back-order lead times which in my experience means new vehicles can be off the road for weeks, even months.

Good luck with this, VWCV. Their arrogance might just be their downfall this time around.


ianp55 26 March 2021

Was the Amarok ever that big a seller in Blighty?  it was more expensive than the Japanese rivals but was it as durable as they are. seems like a good idea to remain in this sector to team up with Ford. Will the new Amarok inclued single cab versions,or will it just concentrate on the crew cab body style? 

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