Currently reading: New 2022 Genesis G90: BMW 7 Series rival spotted in camouflage
Prototype of premium brand's luxury saloon flagship was seen undergoing testing in a less disguised set-up

The Genesis G90 has been spotted undergoing testing in a reduced disguise in Germany. 

The upcoming rival to the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class was spotted on track with a camouflage wrap over its production body design. Its front, side and rear lights were on display, as were its alloy wheels and door handles.

The new saloon will succeed the current-generation G90, which has been on sale in the US and other global markets since 2015. 

A European release hasn't yet been confirmed, but it's assumed the fact that it's testing in Germany means the car will play a part in Genesis's European launch plan.

So far, the G80 saloon, GV80 SUV, G70 saloon and G70 Shooting Brake have been confirmed for imminent launch here. 

The G90 is larger than the G80 but shares its narrow, double-stacked front headlights and looks to have Genesis's trademark shield-shaped metallic front grille. 

If the recently announced G80 and GV80 prices are anything to go by, the G90 will likely undercut its German rivals by a notable margin.

Genesis Europe boss Dominique Boesch has called the region the “spiritual home of the premium car market” but said she believes the Hyundai-owned Korean brand has the “ingredients to stand out”.


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scotty5 17 August 2021

Genesis Europe boss Dominique Boesch has called the region the “spiritual home of the premium car market”

Then why sell a Kia?

Some comentator mentioned Cadillac had nice cars but failed. Cadillac is GM, the same guys who sell Corsas and Saabs. Wasn't Cadillac just a rebadged Saab which itself was a rebadged Vectra?

Lexus has done well... by who's standards? Their saloon cars have flopped. LS400, GS even their BMW 3 series rival IS all flopped.

The days of the large luxury saloon are over, for the forseeable future anyway. Even the class below has fallen out of flavour. Our roads used to be full of 5series, E-Class, A6 etc but not anymore. Genesis can make the best 4dr luxury saloon on the planet, but it'll still be a dead duck on this side of the pond. Why waste money trying to tap in to a market that doesn't exist? The only saloon market out their is the super-luxury barges and I'm afraid none of those buyers would be seen dead in anything less than a brand with history. Even Maybach failed and they're German!

Andrew1 27 May 2021
Let me quess: a stinking, rattling diesel, huge grille and a plank of wood on the dashboard?
FastRenaultFan 27 May 2021
I think Hyundai could succeed where Nissan with Infiniti and Cadalic failed. It's a pity Cadilic failed in Europe because they had and still have some great looking cars both inside and outside compared to the dull Germans but at least we thankfully have Lexus which has been a success for Toyota and are a breath of fresh air compared to the boring German brands.
What Hyundai need to do is make sure that the customer care and after care for these cars is just as good as the cars themselves and advertise them a lot get them into peoples minds. Get people talking about them.