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3 September 2009

Porsche has unveiled the limited-edition 911 Sport Classic, a car that plunders the past of the iconic rear-engined sports car.

The Sport Classic, of which 250 will be built, gains a 'ducktail' spoiler made famous by the 1973 Carrera RS 2.7 and ‘Fuchs-style’ custom-made alloy wheels from the same era.

See the Porsche 911 Sport Classic picture gallery here

There is also a 'double bubble' roof that echoes both classic racing cars and the recent Carrera GT supercar.

A new front spoiler helps aerodynamic balance with the rear wing, and bi-xenon headlamps with black surrounds hark back to famous Porsche racing cars such as the 911 Turbo RSR from 1974.

The 3.8-litre engine in the Sport Classic has been boosted to 402bhp thanks to a new intake and engine management system, and modified cylinder heads.

There is also the new, variable-resonance intake system, featuring six vacuum-controlled flaps, which allows the engine to switch a more power-oriented and a more torque-oriented geometry.

Working on engine speed and the position of the throttle pedal, the flaps optimise the oscillation of air in the intake manifold for a better cylinder charge.

This ensures there is the perfect amount of air in the combustion chamber at all times to optimise torque, which peaks at 310lb ft from 4200-5600rpm.

The Sport Classic hits 62mph in a claimed 4.6sec and has a top speed of 187mph. The exhaust system has been developed specifically for this model and features high-gloss tailpipes.

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The two-wheel-drive Sport Classic is based on the Carrera S but gains the 44mm wider bodywork of the Carrera 4S, giving increased rear grip.

The Sport Chrono Package Plus comes as standard and the 911 Sport Classic is available only with a manual gearbox.

Ride height has been lowered by 20mm and the 911 Sport Classic also comes with a limited-slip differential.

Also standard are Porsche ceramic composite brakes measuring 350mm in diameter and weighing around 50 per cent less than standard rotors.

The Sport Classic will be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show later this month and will go on sale early next year, in both right-hand-drive and LHD forms. It will cost £140,049.

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2 September 2009

Never actually saw that one coming - a retro version of the current 911. Not sure it actually sits too well for me, a little too clichéd.

The principle behind it (manual only, fixed spoiler, wide rear track etc) are a step in the right direction, but the questionable roof bubble styling and the Fuchs alloys are a little too "marketing department".



It's all about the twisties........

2 September 2009

Interesting. A retro version of a retro car.

2 September 2009

I love it! That´s how that thing should look like, always.

2 September 2009

Limited edition? It looks exactly the same as all the others ;-)

2 September 2009

God I'm bored of Porsche's. Any chance of something even slightly new or original, please?

2 September 2009

I really like the looks of this car and in my opinion, the best looking 911 for an age.

But seriously, £171,500.....what did they use to upholster the interior, Unicorn hides??

2 September 2009

Next year the all new 356.

You don’t need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows
—Robert Allen Zimmerman

2 September 2009

Have you seen the retro spoiler! it's fabulous, and you have to admit it looks a bit better than the proposed GT3,i think it's just different enough, and afterall their not the first to try and pedal retro are they, Mazda's been doing it for years!

Peter Cavellini.

2 September 2009

From what I've read, it will cost more like £140K, which is just too much money for what is a Carrera S with powerkit, sports exhaust/suspension and body/interior addenda. It's a silly marketing ploy for the richest of Porsche enthusiasts who already own Carrera GTs etc. I would rather invest in the original 911 2.7RS for £120K-£130K, keep the change & watch it appreciate in value.

2 September 2009

£140k for a 400BHP 911 ? And a pastiche one at that.

Hadn't previously noticed Porsche owners had "Mug" tattooed on their forehead.

I agree with Lee - Porsche designs are soooooo tired now. It's gone beyond a joke. The "new" Boxster is actually almost identical to all the other previous new Boxsters and they all look old-fashioned as well. Shame really because we all know they're brilliant to drive.


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