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Luxury, niche Minis will be trimmed at Rolls' Goodwood factory from next year

BMW is set to give the green light to ultra-luxury version of the Mini which will be trimmed at the Rolls-Royce factory in Goodwood.

Highly placed sources at BMW have told Autocar that the cars will "totally individual" and the project is seeking to create "niche vehicles" for customers.

See the pics of the Mini by Rolls-Royce

It's likely that the options will extend beyond trim materials and could see buyers encouraged to commission genuine coachbuilt features such as new interior fittings.

The plans have been inspired by the bespoke coachbuilt Minis that became popular with celebrities in the early 1960s. Actor Peter Sellers commissioned Harold Radford to build him a super-luxury Mini which featured high-spec wood and a leather-trimmed interior. Similar cars were built for members of the Beatles.

There's no news on the launch of the 'Mini Rolls' programme, but it is likely to be made public next year.

Hilton Holloway

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leo jacsion 8 December 2012

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KevH08 21 November 2009

Re: Mini by Rolls-Royce confirmed

38carssofar wrote:

Uncle Mellow wrote:
Don't forget that 4 litre RR motor was never meant to be used in luxury cars - it was meant for Army vehicles.

Extracts from the Cambridge-Oxford Owners' Club

"The engine itself was an alloy-block, short-stroke version of the familiar six-cylinder Rolls-Royce unit, which was used not only in Rolls-Royce and Bentley passenger cars up to 1959, but in many military vehicles. With a quoted peak of 175bhp it was much more powerful than the superseded 3-litre BMC C-Series engine, though this was never backed up by flashing acceleration figures or a dramatically higher top speed."

"Sales took off with a rush, but once the word got around that the engine was wasted on the rest of the car, demand slumped. Even with Vanden Plas trying all they knew to ensure top build quality, BMC could not sustain interest in the car. Sales had been expected to exceed 100 cars a week, but such figures were not realized and production was down to 200 cars a year by 1967. The Princess R was quietly withdrawn from production at the beginning of 1968, just before British Leyland would surely have killed it off."

It sounds like the quality of the car was not up to the engine.....

That at this I found too, not sure what its meant to be, but would make a good ice-cream van

superstevie 21 November 2009

Re: Mini by Rolls-Royce confirmed

qpgkx the unpronounceable wrote:
At last Mini has managed to find a way of charging over £35k for a small 2 door 1.6 ltr runaround. Good work guys keep it up.
You want worse than that? Try the Smart Fortwo Brabus 112. 34k for a smart! Even myself, an owner of 7 smarts over the years, thinks that is a little too much! Brabus have just launched their tailor made service in the UK as well, but I just dont see the point of adding more extras to the already overpriced brabus fortwo But if someone wishes to pay the money, then who's to argue with the manufacturers for offering the service that people want?