Rival of Bentley Bentayga, Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic and Rolls-Royce Cullinan will cost around £150,000
11 September 2019

Mercedes-Benz is set to crown its SUV line-up with a plush new Maybach-badged GLS model that’s been conceived to act as an upmarket rival to the likes of the Bentley Bentayga, Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic and Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Sources at the Frankfurt motor show revealed the GLS Maybach is planned for launch later this year at a price of around £150,000. It has been developed to offer performance, accommodation and features commensurate with the existing Mercedes-Maybach S-Class launched in 2015, according to senior Mercedes-Benz officials. They cite China, North America and Russia among the new model’s key target markets.

Autocar can confirm the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS will receive its own unique styling elements, many of which will be drawn directly from the Mercedes-Maybach 6 coupé concept revealed at Pebble Beach in 2016 as a preview to the future of Mercedes-Benz’s Maybach sub-brand.

Despite retaining the same aluminium, high-strength steel and composite body panels as future standard GLS models, the new upmarket SUV is expected to sport a different grille and unique headlight and tail-light graphics, as well as added chrome and individual wheel designs in a move aimed at providing it with a more noble appearance in line with the current Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

Secrecy surrounds the layout of the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS, although there are suggestions it could also have an extended wheelbase in an attempt to provide it with the sort of rear-seat leg room offered by the luxury SUV competition. The current 5130mm-long second-generation GLS rides on a 3080mm wheelbase – some 40mm shorter than that used by the 5199mm-long Range Rover SVAutobiography Long Wheelbase but 80mm longer than that of the 5140mm-long Bentley Bentayga.

Our Verdict

Mercedes-Maybach S 600

Exceptional in many ways and never less than good in others; a £165,700 bargain, of sorts

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Inside, the second of the new generation of Maybach models is planned to gain a luxuriously equipped cabin with appointments and materials beyond those of Mercedes-Benz’s existing Designo line. Among the more unique touches will be Maybach-themed digital instrument infotainment system graphics, says an insider closely involved in the new model’s development.

Although the standard third-generation GLS is planned to offer seating for up to seven on three rows of seats, the new Maybach model is set to offer two rows of seats with dedicated seating for four, or, as an option, five.  

Among the engines likely to be offered by the future range-topping GLS model is Mercedes-Benz’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 petrol mated to a standard nine-speed automatic gearbox, with both 4Matic four-wheel drive and Air Body Control air suspension due to be standard. Insiders also hint at plans for a twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12 flagship, although this has yet to be officially acknowledged. Also under development for the new GLS are petrol-electric and diesel-electric hybrid drivetrains – the latter of which is set to debut in the E-Class later this year.

Mercedes-Benz’s plan to extend the Maybach line-up to include a GLS-based model comes after strong sales of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

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20 January 2017
It seems a stupid name is a prerequisite to compete in the class.

20 January 2017
@k12479 I agree, with Cullinan being the worst offender, I hope that's not the final name Rolls chooses.

Also hope Bentley change their mind on the Barnato name of their next sports car.

20 January 2017
This SUV will be awful, so will the X7. The only one I like is the Q8 concept - let's hope Audi preserves it for the production model.

20 January 2017
the smart money would be best to steer well clear ,neither the class or desirability in that price range will depreciate like a bottomless bucket trying to carry water.

20 January 2017
I thought it was a hearse until I read the headline.

20 January 2017
Aimed at North America, Russia, China. Need I say more. I imagine most of the target market are the sort of people who had to buy their own houses and furniture......




21 January 2017
Deputy wrote:

Aimed at North America, Russia, China. Need I say more. I imagine most of the target market are the sort of people who had to buy their own houses and furniture......

I bought my own house...and most of the furniture...but I wouldn't drive any of the vile jeeps mentioned above if they gave me the hundred and fifty grand.

I don't need to put my name here, it's on the left


21 January 2017
Merc make excellent vans, so no reason this one shouldn't continue the tradition, just as long as an upright piano will fit through the rear doors.

21 January 2017
Can't see the point of this, even most rich people will ask, what and who is maybach ?

22 January 2017
How on earth are we meant to spot:

1. Premiership footballers
2. Those visually challenges
3. Loadsamonies

....at a distance and avoid them without these gaudy wealth displays?

Thank you Benthly and Mercedes for helping the general populace avoid the vulgar. Keep up the good work chaps.



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