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The recently unveiled EQC SUV features relatively conventional design – but the firm's future EVs will go further

Future electric cars from Mercedes-Benz will feature far more distinctive styling than the recently revealed EQC SUV, according to EQ sales and marketing boss Jorg Heinermann.

Mercedes-Benz EQC: all-electric SUV revealed

The EQC is the German firm’s first dedicated EV and the first of 10 battery-electric vehicles it will be launched by 2022. Those models will fall under Mercedes’ new EQ sub-brand, along with the firm’s mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid machines.

While some manufacturers are creating dramatically different-looking EVs, Mercedes has decided to tread carefully, not wanting to alienate those who like Mercedes’ existing design.

“The EQC has a close link to [the similar-sized] Mercedes-Benz GLC, but for some of the future EQ models you will see more distinct design,” said Heinermann. “We have deliberately decided to take a step-by-step approach here."

Mercedes-Benz to follow EQC with nine more EVs in next four years

Mercedes interior designer Hartmut Sinkwitz added: “[The EQC] is the starting point for the electric family. We felt this is the right amount of revolution to start with for this car. You will see more with other EQ models. We believe this is a good starting point.”

One design element that will remain across the EQ models is the front grille – despite electric cars not needing them for cooling as with combustion-engined cars.

Exterior designer Robert Lesnik said: “The grille is important, because otherwise the car would be faceless; it doesn’t matter if there needs to be an air intake or not. We believe that every EQ car needs a certain shape in the front.

“There are many other car companies that are experimenting [without a grille], because they don’t have 130 years of history. That’s not what we’re going to do.”

Talking about the broader design of EQ models, he added: “We need time for a few cars, then you will see a familiar line through them.”

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Mercedes-Benz EQC: all-electric SUV revealed

Mercedes-Benz to follow EQC with nine more EVs in next four years

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androo 7 September 2018

Is that Mercedes saying they know it looks no good?

It's almost like it didn't turn out to be as good as they expected, like it was just born instead of designed. It certainly has the ugliest front of any Mercedes so far, and the sides and back aren't much better. When an electric powertrain gives you so much design flexibility, how have they ended up with this? Perhaps they were benchmarking the Tesla Model X.

artill 7 September 2018

I think the EQC is a nasty

I think the EQC is a nasty looking thing, but the big market for EVs today and in the immediate future is China, and we all know that the Chinese have rather different taste to Europeans. This may well be going down very well over there. 

fadyady 7 September 2018

Merc's Tesla-beater?

Gotta see it in metal to appreciate it. The front does not look appetising in pictures. The rear is cool though. Range could be better.