The largest and most extreme road-legal SUV to ever hail from Mercedes’ road car operations will only be available in left-hand drive
Matt Burt
26 September 2013

The outrageous Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 has been given an equally monstrous price tag, with the double-cab SUV set to cost a cool €451,010 (£379,244) after tax.

The G63 AMG 6x6, which is due to go on sale next month and was tested by Autocar earlier this year, is the largest and most extreme road-legal SUV to ever hail from Mercedes’ road car operations.

Read how we get on in Dubai sand dunes in the Mercedes-AMG G 63 6x6

There is no UK list price for the left-hand-drive only vehicle because it will not go on sale in right-hand markets, but in mainland Europe, it will be offered for €379,000 (approximately £319,000) before tax.

However, adding Germany’s value added tax, which currently stands at 19 per cent, to the price brings the total to £379,244. By comparison, a four-wheeled G63 AMG costs £123,140 including VAT.

An authentic off-roader derived from a military vehicle, the G63 AMG 6x6 is being produced by Mercedes-Benz’s Austrian partner Magna Steyr in a run of no more than 30 units. Deliveries to customers are expected to start early next year.

The G63 AMG 6x6 features six driven wheels, low-range gearing, five differential locks and a tyre control system for its standard 37-inch wheels. The vehicle is powered by a twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V8 from AMG with 536bhp. 

Torque is 560lb ft – crucial in providing the shove required to haul the big four-seater’s considerable 3775kg kerb weight.

Our Verdict

Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6
Mercedes G 63 AMG is 6x6 is yours for £370,000

The Mercedes G 63 AMG is the ultimate in go-anywhere civilian vehicles

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26 September 2013

Couldn't think of a worse way to spend £380k. Even with that AMG engine it will still be slow. The regular G63 is a shocking car by todays standards but this takes the biscuit!

26 September 2013

Please watch the video of this thing in the desert before you pass judgement. And for a lot of wealthy people this is an entirely justifiable way to spend 380k, think about it. An aventador is some 220 or thereabouts and that is just a supercar which every other sheikh or footballer has. This on the other hand is totally unique and i dare say would even cause more of a commotion than a supercar at the golf club.


26 September 2013

@ Demonic Soul - "Couldn't think of a worse way to spend £380k."
.....and if I had the sort of money these buyers have I couldn't think of a BETTER way of spending £380k....I would have so much more fun in this than a supercar...they are so limited in opportunities to use them
I am not often jealous, but in this case I am really jealous of those fortunate few who will receive the keys to this monster.
I dare say Demonic, you can think of much better things you would like to spend £380k have to remind your self that these people will already have all these things and then some! so this is bottom of the tick list- not top.

26 September 2013

Oh no, LHD only?! It's off the shopping list now...

26 September 2013

If this is over 3500kg, do you require a special license to drive one?

If I understand correctly, this is a class C vehicle, and cars are class B (less than 3500).


26 September 2013 can drive up to 7.5 tons on a car licence

26 September 2013

I think its way too cheap!

Why 380k, why not 500k or even 775k.

The sort of people who will buy this sort of thing usually have more money than sense and even less style.

Rich Arab's will pay any price to try and look the big hitter for a day.

Expect to see this racing past Saville Row very soon at full revs.

At least it answers that age old question:

Do Germans have a sense of humour?.......HELL YES!

30 September 2013

Must be a typo? Looking at the picture and comparing to the doors this would mean the doors were about 6ft tall.

Not really much more stupid than a Hummer1. Though it's not built for UK roads or most normal Roads anywhere come to that.

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