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Company drops pure six-cylinder E43 variant for electrified E53 version; E400d 4Matic replaces E350d
Sam Sheehan
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31 May 2018

Mercedes-AMG has replaced its E43 sports saloon with the new E53 mild hybrid as part of a list of updates applied to the E-Class range.

It's on sale now, priced from £63,790 for the saloon. This is an increase of over £15,000 over the E43 that comes largely thanks to the new car's more complex powertrain. The new E53 estate makes the same jump to start at £65,790.

The coupé splits the difference at £64,790, while the cabriolet is the most expensive at £69,285. The 53-badged models are the punchiest and most expensive to be offered on the two-door E-Class variants, as Mercedes does not offer the full-fat AMG 63 variant beyond the saloon and estate.

In addition to the newly announced prices, Mercedes has also replaced the E350d with a new E400d 4Matic, which starts at £52,685 in saloon form. The estate carries a £2000 premium over this. The E400d uses a new 3.0-litre diesel straight six, producing 335bhp - up from the E350d's 258bhp - and 516lb ft of torque to the 350d's 457. 48.7mpg and 154g/km CO2 are claimed, as is a 4.9sec dash to 62mph. 

The electrified E53 model combines a newly developed turbocharged 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine with an integrated starter, which is part of Mercedes’ 48V electric architecture.

The powertrain is shared with the CLS 53 and produces 429bhp and 295lb ft of torque, with an additional boost of 21bhp and 184lb ft when the starter motor provides temporary shove. The E53’s new 0-62mph time is 4.5sec, two-tenths quicker than the E43, while its top speed is limited to 155mph. An optional AMG Driver’s Package increases the top speed to 168mph.

AMG won’t be producing a new E43 because that car’s V6 engine is gradually being phased out of the range. Although it’s currently still available in the C43, where it offers 362bhp, that engine will eventually be superseded by the newer straight-six.

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The fastest E-Class, the E63, retains its 563bhp twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine. The S variant’s 612bhp from the same engine also remains.

Beneath the AMG models, Mercedes has replaced the V6 diesel of the E400d, its top oil-burning E-Class, with a straight-six. The new unit offers 335bhp and 516lb ft, increases of 7bhp and 162lb ft respectively. Like the rest of the line-up, the engine is certified to the latest Euro 6d Temp emissions standards.

Changes for the wider E-Class range include fitment of Mercedes’ latest steering wheel design, as well as a more advanced Active Steering Assist system, which can adjust the car’s speed to more comfortably take corners.

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Lanehogger 27 April 2018

Another Sam Sheehan article with errrors

This may be harsh but there have been many articles from Sam Sheehan that are either littered with factual and statistical errors or grammatical mistakes. He may be a great driver but he's not great at compiling professional articles!

jer 26 April 2018

Dont mean to be harsh

But employing kids to do things in a hurry is tarnishing the brand.

AkashM 26 April 2018

This article has so many

This article has so many errors I don't think it was even proof read!.
First as mentioned above, there has not been a circa £15k price increase over the E43.
Second, the existing V6 diesel is a 350d not a 400d ( that's the new model with the OM656 in line 6).
Third, the torque has NOT gone up 162 lb ft as the existing 350d ( again not 400d) makes 457 lb ft of torque.
Fourth, the E53s new engine makes 384 lb ft torque ( excluding electric motor), NOT 295, ( how could a twin turbo s6 in 2018 make that little torque, comeo on guys).
Lastly, the base E Class price quoted, but that's not the model being replaced, so obviously the price for the models with the new engines is going to be higher than that!
Did you get the cleaner in to write this article?