Currently reading: Mercedes-AMG could launch Cayman rival as next bespoke model
Mercedes’ performance division boss said more models could follow the new GT 4dr Coupé

Tobias Moers, the boss of Mercedes-AMG, has hinted that another stand-alone AMG model is already being considered to sit alongside the existing Mercedes-AMG GT Coupeà and new GT 4dr CoupeÃ.

The two GT models are the first from the performance division not to be based on standard Mercedes derivatives, but Moers said they are by no means the last. However, he was swift in ruling out a unique AMG SUV, which might be the most obvious choice for Affalterbach’s next project.

“There was a clear space in the market for the four-door GT,” he said, “but we already have many excellent AMG SUV derivatives and it makes no sense to steal from them just so we can make our own car.”

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Quite what the new car would be is not clear, but it seems most likely to be a smaller, more affordable sports car to steal sales from Porsche’s Boxster and Cayman – something the current Mercedes SLC has never had the firepower or focus to achieve.

As previously revealed by Autocar, Moers also confirmed that the GT 4dr Coupé will get a 4.0-litre V8 hybrid powertrain with at least 800bhp in the future. The hybrid set-up, first seen in the concept version last year (pictured above), will become the flagship model for the car when it arrives in 2020. It is likely to use the ‘EQ Power+’ soubriquet and will be a direct response to the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, which currently has 670bhp and is good for 193mph.

The additional power of the AMG model suggests a 200mph top speed and a 0-62mph dash of little more than three seconds are very much on the cards. The new powertrain won’t be restricted to the GT 4dr CoupeÃ, either; in time, it will be used in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the next Mercedes-Benz GLS (where it might also power a Maybach model). This means it will in effect replace the ‘65’ models with their 6.0-litre V12 engines. 

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Paul J 13 April 2018

Cayman rival.

If they do produce one I hope it's a six cylinder motor.  I'm currently in a 981 Cayman GTS and won't be replacing it with a 718.  A little Merc 2-seater coupe with holiday luggage space and a manual box option could pull me away from run of 6 Porsches.  Fingers crossed M-B don't miss the opportunity to win an extra customer base...

gagaga 13 April 2018


Guessing Merc will produce a soft convertible replacement for the SLC, and AMG can make a hardcore alternative on the same platform.

Fine by me - just make sure it has the 3 litre straight six and not the 2 litre 4 pot from the A45.

J13Dog 13 April 2018

Current Mercedes SLC has never had the firepower ?

Whose fault is that? Mercedes had a small two seat sports car, they messed it up, neglected it and then robbed it of its V8. The SLK could have been the car that Porsche should be trying to rival. Mercedes got lazy and greedy with the one car that could have evolved into a light affordable sports car that people wanted to drive. Free from autonomy unecessary gadgets and bloatware. Re~invent the SLK to look a little like a smaller AMG GT and give it the power and handling to upset Porsche. And DONT put the exterior mirrors on the doors like you seem to feel you need to do. (  next A class ) AMG GT is ok tho it works.