Stripped-out, lightweight, track-focused Ultimate Series model due next summer
Sam Sheehan
14 November 2017

McLaren has revealed the rear of its most extreme, track-focused road car yet, following confirmation that it will launch next year. The model will be revealed in full on 10 December.

Released as two separate images, one previously released and one revealed today, the shot is created when the two previews are stitched together. 

Referred to internally as the P15, the forthcoming Ultimate Series model, scooped by Autocar earlier this year, is being developed with a hard focus on track driving – so much so that the Woking-based manufacturer admits that it will sacrifice daily usability in order to maximise performance. 

McLaren hyper-GT three-seat development mule

The two-seater is due to make its public debut at the Geneva motor show in March, sporting what McLaren calls a “brutal” design representing the “purest expression” of its form-follows-function styling. 

Autocar understands the 675LT development car that has been spotted testing at the Nürburgring in recent weeks is a mule for the P15, offering insight into the advanced aerodynamic layout of the final production car.

The mule’s bodywork features large intakes on the nose that are designed to channel air out of openings on the bonnet and direct it around the car’s windscreen. Such a system will be employed by the P15, meaning it ditches a front boot in favour of aerodynamic efficiency. The mule also wears a large rear wing, held in place by two centrally mounted swan neck arms. A source revealed that the mounting arms will be fixed so the wing can’t fold away into the rear deck, but it was suggested that the wing itself could rotate in a similar way to the drag reduction system fitted to Formula 1 cars. 

It is understood that the P15 will forgo a hybrid drivetrain, as used by the P1, for a lighter, combustion engine-only set- up. The engine will be based on the M840T turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 used by the 720S but will feature upgraded internals and a bespoke turbocharger set-up to boost power far beyond the 710bhp offered by the 720S Super Series model. A mooted figure of around 789bhp would give the P15’s V8 a 62bhp advantage over the 3.8-litre combustion engine featured in the hybrid P1’s drivetrain. 

The P15 will be built around McLaren’s Monocage II one-piece carbonfibre tub and is set to be the company’s most pared-back road model to date. It will have a race-inspired interior with seats adapted from motorsport and little in the way of passenger comforts. The P15 is expected to weigh less than 1300kg – considerably lighter than the 1547kg P1 and enough to ensure that its power-to-weight ratio will eclipse that model’s figure of 647bhp per tonne. 

McLaren is expected to produce 500 examples of the P15, each of which has already been allocated for a price of around £840,000 in the UK. 

Customers will be invited to a private showing of the car before the end of this year, and this will be before car's December 10 reveal date. The name will also be confirmed later in 2017. First deliveries are due in the summer of next year, close to when the next Ultimate Series model, the three-seater codenamed BP23, is due to be revealed.

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McLaren hyper-GT three-seat development mule

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McLaren P1

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18 October 2017

...800ps. So I'll call it the McLaren 800S.

14 November 2017

Isn't it supposed to be a three seater?   Wasn't that what they released on their Instagram page?

19 October 2017

Maybe they've the GT2s nurburgring time in their sights with this one. Porsche couldn't respond to that without a MR car... :)

14 November 2017

Surely I can't be the only person who reads these McLaren marketing/hype items and yawns? 'Brutal'  CHECK, 'Purest expression of form follows function' CHECK, 'Hardcore track focused' CHECK. And yet despite this being a halo vehicle from one of the great F1 teams, with what you would hope has the most extreme interpretation of pinnacle F1 technology for the road, if compared to the Aston Martin Valkyrie it isn't even close.

These 2 cars clearly haven't been thrashed round a track yet (with verifiable figures) but there appears to be a gulf between them. Estimated 600-650bhp/ton vs almost 1100bhp/ton. Over 600kg of downforce (if similar to P1 level) vs over 1800kg of downforce. 1300kg weight vs 1000kg weight. Around a track, one of these 2 sets of stats will clearly give the other one a damn good hiding.

Now I'm not an Aston or Red Bull fanboy before anyone says that, as I find their marketing guff even worse, but looking at these 2 upcoming rivals, one clearly shines far brighter than the other on paper

14 November 2017

The new picture sure looks more like the front to me.  It has the look of the front louvers of an F1 car.  What makes you think it is the back?

15 November 2017

The lights are red and it seems to have exhaust outlets.

15 November 2017

Sonicmarmalade, everything you have just said would make perfect sense - if they were true rivals, but they aren't. One costs a million dollars and the other is three million.

The true rival to the Valkyrie will be the next P1, which will no doubt be a hybrid. 

It seems that the P15 is a notch down from the absolute pinnacle of today's engineering and what is currently possible, but still an amazing car nontheless. 

15 November 2017

why do the car pr firms insist on all this teaser nonsense. It used to be cars got launched and it was exciting. Now you get the rear bumper of a new fiesta teased years in advance. If it’s ready just release the damn thing. 

15 November 2017
I disagree. People who can afford to buy and run a £1m car, can afford to buy and run a £3m car. Its not the same as the difference between an Astra and an M5. They are absolutely pitched at the same people.

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