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Mini officials warn that the latest Clubman won't be the firm's largest model for long, with an SUV-shaped replacement for the current Countryman already in development

The Mini Clubman may not remain the largest model produced by the firm in future, according to its senior vice president Sebastian Mackensen.

The new Clubman is 158mm longer, 10mm wider and 119mm lower than the largest of the existing Mini models, the Mini Countryman, facts that have drawn ire from traditional fans of the marque, who argue that the growth in size is not in keeping with its brand values.

However, Mackensen cautioned: “I'm not sure who set the traditional size limits for what a Mini should be? Mini doesn't have to mean small in size. We shouldn't limit ourselves, although I would add that I wouldn't expect anything larger from us anytime soon.

“Personally, I believe that a Mini is more than just a car. There are brand lines set by traditionalists and historic customers and I respect that but at the same time the world moves on. Things develop in every walk of life.

“Sometimes in life you get used to something and then it moves on. Habit can be hard to challenge, but when you get used to the new thing you can often see new benefits as you adapt.”

Mackensen also said that customers and potential customers would be listened to before any larger models are launched. “Above all, I also believe that the interpretation of what a Mini is should lie with the customers,” he said.

It's already known that Mini is working on a replacement for the current Countryman, which is planned to take the form of an 'authentic' SUV.

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Shrub 21 September 2015

Why a warning?

"Mini officials warn that the latest Clubman won't be the firm's largest model for long" Is it going to attack me?
Adrian987 21 September 2015

Size doesn't matter. Style does.

The original Austin 1100 was a masterpiece for its time. It drew some elements from the Mini, but had a crisp style of its own. Then the "land crab" came along, trying to up-size the design elements of the 1100, and to my eyes at least, it was not a success. If "Mini" can bring some fresh design ideas to the party, without needless caricatures of what has gone before, then I am comfortable with upwards expansion of the Mini brand.
Citytiger 21 September 2015

Then again I suppose the

Then again I suppose the actually stopped caring what a name actually meant, when they decided that "Cooper" was just a model name and not a sport/higher performance version.