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Rugged Countryman replacement to join new Clubman and Cabriolet in Mini line-up by late next year

Two more new Mini bodystyles are on the near horizon, following the unveiling of the new Clubman earlier this month.

Later this year the all-new Cabriolet, codenamed F57, will be revealed. It remains a four-seater, keeps the familiar two-stage folding fabric roof and is expected in showrooms by early spring next year.

After that, the next all-new Mini will be the replacement for the Mini Countryman. Sources at parent company BMW say the new Countryman will be an “authentic SUV”. It is expected to go on sale in the final quarter of next year.

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The second-generation Countryman is expected to be more rugged than the current model, taking some cues from the Mini X-Raid, which has won the Dakar Rally four times since 2012.

The Countryman will be based on the same UKL architecture as the Clubman, so the new model, codenamed F60, will be significantly more spacious than its predecessor.

It’s expected to be just over 4.25m long (a stretch of 150mm) and at least 10mm wider than the current Countryman. The boot willalso be noticeably bigger than the current 450 litres.

The new Countryman will be offered with the same four-wheel drive system as BMW’s 2 Series Active Tourer.

Although the original Countryman, launched in 2010, was widely regarded as a step too far for the revived marque, it quickly accounted for more than a third of Mini sales.

Mini boss Peter Schwarzenbauer has already said he wants Mini to have five ‘superhero’ models. However, BMW has yet to fully reveal the final Mini family line-up as the company’s small-car plans remain in flux.

Schwarzenbauer recently revealed an example of how BMW’s plans for its front-drive vehicles are still changing. He said the next-generation1 Series might not be built on the UKL architecture and could remain rear-wheel drive after all. A decision will be made towards the end of this year.

As for the Mini brand, four of the superhero models will be on sale by late next year.

The hatchback twins are one family, followed by the Clubman, Cabriolet and Countryman as stand-alone models. While it now looks like a production version of the Superleggera concept will be a spin-off from the Cabriolet, that leaves one more model line to be announced.

Two different models are rumoured. Firstly, it’s thought Toyota and BMW engineers have been working on a joint city car platform that would potentially allow the tiny Mini Rocketman concept to be brought to life.

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Secondly, it’s thought a Mini Traveller MPV (essentially a sister car to the BMW 2 Series) has also been developed as a possible new model line.

On the downside, the Rocketman could be difficult to justify if Mini wants to head upmarket, selling larger and more expensive models.

However the plans for the fifth model line pan out, there will be a number of highly appealing Mini variants over the next 24 to 36 months.

It’s thought Mini has drawn up plans for a coupé-like SUV based on the new Countryman. It would still have five doors and be, in effect, a sister car to the planned BMW X2.

Meanwhile, a plug-in hybrid Clubman is in the works, using the same transmission as the 2 Series Active Tourer eDrive. A small electric motor is mounted on the rear axle, which is used to provide acceleration assistance and occasional pure electric drive.

Also expected is a high-performance Clubman aimed at the Volkswagen Golf R estate. This is rumoured to have a highly tuned turbocharged four-cylinder engine with as much as 300bhp and four-wheel drive. The same powertrain is expected to be used for a high-performance version of the new BMW X1.

A version of the new Countryman with genuine off-road ability is thought to be in development, too. 

Mini's five 'superheroes' explained

Mini hatch - The Mini hatchback is now available with either three or five doors. The five-door version may grow in the future but the three-door is unlikely to differ much from today’s car.

Mini Clubman - The new Clubman is drastically different from the previous one and is the largest Mini you can buy. It is now pitched as an alternative to hatches like the VW Golf and Ford Focus.

Mini Countryman - The next Countryman looks likely to grow again, taking it back to being the biggest Mini available. A more rugged, off-road version is also likely, as is an SUV coupé.

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Mini Cabriolet - The all-new Cabriolet will not be notably different from the old version, retain the four-seat layout and a fabric roof. The two-seat Superleggera could be spun off this platform.

To be decided - Mystery surrounds the identity of the fifth pillar in the future Mini family. Two possibilities are a production version of the small Mini Rocketman concept from 2011 and a possible Traveller-badged MPV.

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johnhg 20 July 2015

Size (again)

Why does it have to be so wide? A major reason why my wife bought her Countryman rather than an Evoque was because the Evoque is ridiculously wide and won't fit in the garage; on this evidence, neither will the new Countryman. I'm sure the plastics will be better quality though.
superstevie 20 July 2015

Autocar wrote: Schwarzenbauer

Autocar wrote:

Schwarzenbauer recently revealed an example of how BMW’s plans for its front-drive vehicles are still changing. He said the next-generation1 Series might not be built on the UKL architecture and could remain rear-wheel drive after all. A decision will be made towards the end of this year.

Interesting information! No doubt this should be an article in it's own right. I suspect that work will have already started on the replacement 1-series. Personally, I don't care if the 1-series is FWD, makes no difference to anyone. However, the 2-series coupe, that should remain RWD. I suspect the next 2-series might also spawn a saloon version to complete in the states with the A3 and CLA

scrap 20 July 2015

They've made a big deal about

They've made a big deal about rationalising the range but are now fudging the issue by counting 3/5 door hatch and maybe both open models as one derivative each. The Countryman will be an X2 in drag.