Currently reading: Land Rover Pet Packs revealed as official accessories
Brand has created range of accessories to make life easier for pet-owning drivers

Land Rover has revealed three accessory packs for owners of its cars who travel with their dogs regularly. 

Starting at £360.37 and topping out at £887.56 — a similar price to a detachable tow bar on the Discovery Sport — the Pet Packs aim to solve multiple difficulties of pet transport and minimise mess inside the car and stress for the pet on board. 

The entry-level pack includes a pet carrier, spill-resistant water bowl and rubber mat for the load area. 

A second-tier pack adds a luggage partition and quilting to the load area liner, while the range-topper includes an access ramp and a portable rinse system to help wash muddy pets and avoid stains on the interior materials. 

The ramp can take dogs up to 85kg, while the rinse system has a capacity of up to 6.5 litres, or five minutes of showering on its least powerful setting.

The packs are available across the full Land Rover range, including all Range Rover models. Individual items can be purchased separately. 

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jason_recliner 24 August 2018

You're joking!


I gotta say, the first pic made me laugh so hard I nearly spit my cider out.  Thanks Autocar and JLR for a good chuckle at the end of the week!

XLR8 24 August 2018

Clearly a slow news day

Are Autocar contractually obliged to feature every press release that JLR email over? 



peetee 24 August 2018

XLR8 wrote:

XLR8 wrote:

Are Autocar contractually obliged to feature every press release that JLR email over? 




If the erstwhile Autocar Editor,Chas Hallett,  becomes head of Corporate  PR at JLR I will give you three guesses:)


James Dene 24 August 2018


I recently bought a vehicle specific, quilted and padded, load liner for my E350 estate for £75. Value is everything.

Peter Cavellini 25 August 2018

Good price...?

 Jame Dene@, that’s not bad for a useful addition to keep your load area clean, I assume it’s the type yo7 can remove wash down and put back...?, £75.00 isn’t a lot..