Currently reading: Land Rover to launch heavily revised Discovery Sport this summer
Revamped five and seven-seat SUV moves to a new platform and will feature interior overhaul
Rachel Burgess
3 mins read
7 February 2019

Land Rover will reveal a heavily updated Discovery Sport this summer, intended to regain ground lost to the latest generation of rivals including the Volvo XC60, which outsells it by two to one.

The Discovery Sport is the car maker’s biggest-selling model and crucial to its success, as Jaguar Land Rover tries to reverse the company’s fortunes. Land Rover sales fell 6.9% year on year in 2018 and, earlier this month, 4500 job losses were confirmed at JLR

The Discovery Sport is one of three models that Land Rover hopes will spark a major turnaround this year. The new Evoque, revealed late last year, goes on sale in April, while deliveries of the facelifted Discovery Sport will start in October. The other key vehicle is the new Defender, to be revealed in autumn, ahead of 2020 sales. 

The Discovery Sport, which replaced the Freelander, has until now only received minor updates since going on sale in 2014. This year’s more extensive facelift, by contrast, is expected to see the Discovery Sport through until at least 2023, when an all-new model will be launched. 

A new architecture and an overhauled interior will be the biggest changes to the model. Exterior tweaks will be subtle, with an overall enhancement of the current design plus updated headlights and bumpers. 

Currently sitting on the D8 platform, the updated Discovery Sport moves over to the Premium Transverse Architecture, which underpins the new Evoque. Crucially, this mixed-material platform allows for electrification and enables more interior space to be created. 

Inside, the Discovery Sport will closely echo the second-generation Evoque with an overhauled interior. The model has long needed a more modern cabin that appeals to buyers and is in line with the rest of the Land Rover range, most of which has received new interiors over the past two years. 


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Land Rover’s ethical textiles will be made available, intended as a premium alternative to leather, and plastics throughout will be of a higher perceived quality than before. 

The car maker’s most advanced infotainment system to date, Touch Pro Duo, will also be offered, featuring two screens in the centre console. Other in-car technology will include multiple USB slots, a 4G wi-fi hotspot and over-the-air updates to the satellite navigation and apps. 

Most, if not all, of the Discovery Sport’s diesel and petrol powertrains will employ a 48V mild-hybrid system just like the new Evoque’s. The 2.0-litre Ingenium engines, built at the brand’s Wolverhampton plant, will use a belt-driven integrated starter-generator that can help improve efficiency by up to 6%, claims Land Rover. 

No electric Discovery Sport is planned, but a plug-in hybrid using a new three-cylinder petrol engine is expected next year with an electric-only range of up to 50 miles. Two- and four-wheel drive will be offered as before. 

Other technology set to trickle down from the Evoque includes the innovative Clearsight Ground View. Multiple cameras feed into the touchscreen to display what is in front of, and underneath, the car. The system essentially makes the bonnet see-through, a feature created for off-roading and kerbside parking.

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7 February 2019

Bit more than that if it’s getting a new platform!

7 February 2019
Shrub wrote:

Bit more than that if it’s getting a new platform!

exactly! Surely a new platform makes a model brand new, much more than other vehicles described as brand new which sit on existing platforms ???

7 February 2019
keeforelli wrote:

Shrub wrote:

Bit more than that if it’s getting a new platform!

exactly! Surely a new platform makes a model brand new, much more than other vehicles described as brand new which sit on existing platforms ???


The media is going along with this ruse, doing their readers a disservice and arguably raising expectation levels beyond reasonable.

It is clear from the photos that the entire body structure is identical. ‘Premium Transverse Architecture’ is a major overhaul of the floor pan of the existing D8 platform, not an all new design.

7 February 2019

I suspect that the DPF dramas might be driving much of the platform shenanigans going on underneath the same-again body, as this is becoming a major problem.

Hopefully, JLR will have worked out how to fit the DPF system properly so that it doesn't keep breaking like the old one (although the company prefers to blame the customers every step of the way).

Given the scale of the problem and the company's inability to fix it properly on the old model, only a major overhaul is likely to actually sort it.

15 February 2019

Of course it is a 'new' platform. The DSport was already heavily modified from the original Freelander platform -itself modified from the original- that this is a new platform. You cannot change a platform so fundamentally without it being a new platform. This is not some Ship of Thesus question.., 


7 February 2019

Poor JLR betted on the world liking and buying more and more £50-100K vehicles while Volvo V40, Audi Q2-3, Beemer X1-2 et al are the growth market. Will a facelifted Disco Sport stem the losses? Might keep them a little more competitive, but they need a smaller competitor. There was a reason why the DC100 / Defender replacement exercise looked like a Yeti!

7 February 2019

....the software that controls gearbox operation, for me that's the only big problem with current car. I have 2.0 petrol HSE version DiscoSport, interior is simple but sturdy and I say stylish. Evoque interior is nice, no doubt, but I am pretty happy with what I have, it works. Interior space is immense. Power is adequate. But the way gearbox operates sucks - it always wants to go at idle speed, does not shift down quick enough so one has to press the pedal a bit more and then suddenly it drops a few gears and launches itself like a rocket. Very jerky operation.

7 February 2019

Are they going to finally sort the reliability of the car?

7 February 2019
SamVimes1972 wrote:

Are they going to finally sort the reliability of the car?


Oh Be quiet, these cars are not unreliable

7 February 2019

Exactly!Why do people complain about Land Rovers reliability?

My friends disco has kept him going for almost 5 years without a single major hitch.


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