2.0 TDCi Mondeo is being scrutinised to find cheat devices; Ford insists none has been used

The Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi is being investigated by German authorities at the request of the country’s transport ministry for alleged use of emissions-cheating devices. 

German business publication Wirtschafts Woche reported the probe and that information in exhaust tests have led to the allegations. 

Previous investigations by Germany's transport ministry looked at the Focus and C-Max for the same reason, although no wrongdoing was found. 

Since the outbreak of the diesel scandal, German authorities have been thorough in investigating all areas of the car industry, with investigations spreading to Daimler, BMW, Opel and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, in addition to Volkswagen Group

Ford insists that its cars comply with emissions regulation and do not use any illegal defeat devices.

The brand issued the following statement: “The KBA [the German transport authority] contacted us for the first time last week as part of its normal market surveillance program for all auto manufacturers. Last year, the same car model achieved four Ecostars in ADAC testing and, from a comparison of DUH summer and winter tests, it can be concluded that no 'thermal operation' was evident.

“In addition, the UK Government’s Department for Transport tests in 2016 on the Mondeo 2.0 TCDi noted that there was no evidence of test cycle manipulation. We continue to work with the KBA and are confident that its investigation also will confirm that there is no illegal defeat device fitted to the car.”

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11 August 2017
But misleading headline. Anybody reading that, but not the story, would be left with the incorrect impression that Ford were involved in dieselgate - when they weren't.

11 August 2017


The US have came down hard on VW, now the Germans are having a go at the American company.

Petty politics.

11 August 2017
Does one get a whiff of persecution? Yes. Perhaps the German authorities are trying to force foreign car makers to offer diesel scrap discounts like those some German car makers involved in the Diesel-gate have announced under a lot of political pressure (only until the September elections are over) and the continuing bad publicity from the German companies massive dirty diesel fraud. Having said that if Ford and other foreign car makers end up offering diesel scrap schemes of their own under German authorities pressure, it will be a win win for urban centres as well as us the car buyers.

11 August 2017

But a big loose for the enironment - crushing perfectly good cars that simply need retuning/detuning/the adition of extra emissions equipment is BAD - the emissions created to make a load more cars to replace them will easily exceed the emissions created by the diesel cars they replaced. But lets face it you are anti diesel and you wont let that facts get in the way of your anti diesel bigotry disguised as environmental concern.

11 August 2017
Oh I did not realise that among us ordinary Autocar mortal posters we had an automobile engineer such as yourself so distinguished that he has found the remedy to the tens of millions of diesel cars spewing emissions killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people all for sir to be able to save a few pounds. Please feel free to share your remedy with the German car makers who are ditching the dirty diesel con one after the other to join the EV bandwagon. Or perhaps you were not aware of these developments living deep under the rock. Carry on blagging diesel if you still can't read the writing on the wall. For seven years I have been commenting on Autocar and I started opposing diesel when bigots like you made it feel like a crime to criticise diesel and at that time not many people understood the false promises of the phony diesel technology along with the next to useless European emissions tests. But never mind. Carry on typically with your sooty dreams.

11 August 2017

Ah, so there must be legal cheat devices?

It seems to me that it must be so difficult to make a diesel comply with the Euro 6 standard, while maintaining good performance, economy, drivability and engine life expectancy, that most if not all manufacturers have looked for ways round. Perhaps VW was not as clever as other makers in so far as it got caught? 

11 August 2017

America is putting pressure on Germany to continue with sanctions on Russia, a policy the Germans can ill afford, I understand BMW have lost significant sales on account of this allready, they rely on Russian Gas imports too. Germany may be at a crossroads here as to wether to continue following American foreign policy quite so closely. This may be just a bit of leverage to say two can play at this game.

 Offence can only be taken not given- so give it back!

11 August 2017

So they think they can get Ford which I doubt as the cheat device would only be a "problem" if you used it in the US which i'm fairly sure Ford wouldn't even want to or need to do given the amount of V8 15-18 mpg petrols F150 trucks they already sell in their home country I counted 7 different models on sale currently none of which do more than 18mpg....but you never know for sure

11 August 2017

Ford 2.0TDCI engine still a joint Ford/PSA design or is it Fords own?


11 August 2017

Its billed as "joint", but its a development of PSA's HDi unit.


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