Currently reading: German authorities investigate diesel Ford Mondeo
2.0 TDCi Mondeo is being scrutinised to find cheat devices; Ford insists none has been used

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russ13b 12 August 2017


research the actual emissions of a diesel, then reaserch the emissions created during the manufacture of a car; production line average per car for a mondeo is about 16tons of co2, i can't remember the other figures off the top of my head. then, work out how far a squeaky clean petrol - or even the visit from an angel that is a tesla - would have to travel simply to offset the production deficit of emissions. that is what typos1 was refering to.

Citytiger 11 August 2017

Is the current

Ford 2.0TDCI engine still a joint Ford/PSA design or is it Fords own?


typos1 11 August 2017

Its billed as "joint", but

Its billed as "joint", but its a development of PSA's HDi unit.

405line 11 August 2017

Getting even?

So they think they can get Ford which I doubt as the cheat device would only be a "problem" if you used it in the US which i'm fairly sure Ford wouldn't even want to or need to do given the amount of V8 15-18 mpg petrols F150 trucks they already sell in their home country I counted 7 different models on sale currently none of which do more than 18mpg....but you never know for sure