Four Autocar readers get an exclusive preview of the Infiniti M saloon
2 March 2010

Four Autocar readers have been given an exclusive preview of the new Infiniti M saloon, ahead of the car’s official unveiling at next week’s Geneva motor show.

The event, which took place at Infiniti’s UK centre in Reading, included an introduction to the Infiniti brand followed by a tour of the M itself.

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Infiniti’s flagship saloon, which will rival the Mercedes E-class, Audi A6 and BMW 5-series when sales start in September, impressed the readers with its exterior styling, as well as its interior quality.

All four readers own cars from Infiniti's rival brands. Comments from the readers involved are listed below but they will be posting further opinions of the car in the forums, and responding to any of your queries.

John Cunningham – owns a Lexus IS250

“The Infiniti ownership experience looks excellent; having your own dedicated contact would be a huge plus, even if you’re buying used. The M is a great-looking car – big, curvy and muscular - and the interior is beautiful.

“How will Infiniti fare in the UK? It needs the forthcoming diesel engine to really compete, and UK buyers are traditionally more conservative. A G-series model would be something I would seriously consider.”

Robert Anderson – owns a Mercedes CL600

“The M looks gorgeous – a car that you can buy with your heart. The whole ownership experience seems fantastic, much better than at merc.

“Infiniti is a brand I’ve been aware of for 20 years having spent time in the US. I’ve always liked them a lot; the cars are very appealing.”

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Jonathan Slayton – owns a BMW 530i Touring

“There’s emotional styling in the M, something you expect to see in Italian cars and not Japanese ones.

“The Infiniti ownership experience sounds like a strong one, but it needs to be as the brand as anonymous at the moment. Infiniti needs to get the message across and as an enthusiast, I’m listening and taking to its cars, especially the M.”

David Boardman – owns an Audi A8 4.2

“The Infiniti branding is amazing; they’re really trying to change the ownership experience. We’ve all shared horror stories about buying luxury cars, but I don’t think we’d have the same problem here.

“The M looks suitably different and better than in all the pictures. The interior is enough to buy the car alone. The price point is amazing given the standard equipment.”

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24 February 2010

Could be a Merc, an A4/A6,or it could be a none car,it's one of these cars you will see very rarily, something from Eastern Europe, with a name you can't pronounce, really it's not nearly good enough and to think that by limiting numbers will sell them!?, who are they kidding!

24 February 2010

The infiniti brand has been on sale for some time in mainland europe and on trips to Italy and Germany recently they seem to be selling well. This is Nissan doing what Toyota did with Lexus. Not sure about the looks of this one though, odd styling and iffy looking materials on the dash and centre console although the overall impression form the photographs is of a well appointed high end product.

24 February 2010

Were these readers drugged or bribed? They can't really be talking about this bulbous nosed, black plastic interior Nissan?

24 February 2010

Isnt this car virtually identical to some Nissan or other sold either in Japan or Europe?

Back to the 'selected' readers - they've all shared horror stories about buying luxury cars - does that include the Lexus owner? You'd think not, but it doesnt say....

24 February 2010

Looks too curvy - like an early Hyundai Coupe.


24 February 2010

[quote crashbangwallop]Were these readers drugged or bribed? They can't really be talking about this bulbous nosed, black plastic interior Nissan?[/quote]

Thank god! i thought it was only me who thought they were hideous! I saw my first infiniti yesterday on the A33 near reading. it was some kind of SUV and it honestly took my breath away with its uglyness! it looked like the evil offsrping of a pt cruiser and a corolla circa 1984. VILE.

i am in no doubt that they will be well made, and will offer people an ownership experience that will be second to none, but with those looks, uurrrggh they'll need it.

24 February 2010

[quote Challenger440]Looks too curvy - like an early Hyundai Coupe[/quote]

ah-ha! that's what i meant! not an old corola, but a hyundai coupe. what is it with this design direction of curves..? i thought we were moving back away from that?? hhmmm, shows how much i know (or is that care...??!)

i did see a gorgeous E class coupe yesterday, in white...all angles and agression. looked cool...

24 February 2010

hm, it looks to my eyes like every other far eastern anycar - only with middle aged spread and a vast price tag. Leasing costs are just as flabby and there's no diesel, let alone a low CO2, tax friendly 2.0d.

And before anyone says it, if you're not bothered by emissions and leasing costs, wouldn't you just go buy something German? I know I would.

24 February 2010

No we were not drugged or bribed. Gave up our own time to see a new brand being launched. The car looks fantastic in the metal, and I have no idea what interior you are looking at, but it was not the one we saw - which was 1st class, probably only challenged by the Jag XF interior in this class of car. Lack of diesel - well as they are not going for the volume company car market - then not there yet, across the range, but there is a 3.0d for the M - not for me thouhg as I am a committed petrol head - which is why I buy my own cars.

24 February 2010

This is a blatant Nissan marketing piece. I'm disgusted.


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