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BMW M is expanding rapidly, with 26 new cars due in next three years
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7 December 2017

BMW is readying its performance arm M for massive growth over the next few years as it takes the fight to Mercedes-AMG and Audi Sport. Read our full story here.

The gallery above shows the top 11 models we can expect to see between now and 2020. 

On top of those, we will also see these models launched: X3 M-Performance, M340i saloon, M340i Touring, X2 M-Performance, X4 M-Performance, M140i hatch, X7 M-Performance, M440i Gran Turismo, M440i Coupé, M440i Cabriolet, M240i Coupé, M240i Cabriolet, M240i Gran Turismo, X5 M-Performance, X6 M-Performance.

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7 December 2017

Will there be a M Sledge too? 

7 December 2017
xxxx wrote:

Will there be a M Sledge too? 


How cringeworthy.

7 December 2017

I don't suppose it will improve the driving standards of the morons who continue to buy BMWs and drive them like utter a-holes? 

The perfect example I saw this morning was a white 5 series aggressively tailgating a learner driver through a busy roundabout when it was chucking down with rain. 

Most normal people would have backed off, left a bit of space and made use of the dual carriageway they'd be on in about 10 seconds to safely pass the learner, but the BMW driver had other ideas. 

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