The shooting brake has been commissioned by a businessman who wants more space in the Model S for his dogs
Jimi Beckwith
18 December 2017

A British coachbuilding company has nearly completed the build of its first Tesla Model S Shooting Brake, which it has called the P90D-SB.

The car's exterior is now completed and it has been started and moved. It remains connected to the Tesla network and therefore retains the digital systems of the regular car.

Qwest, based in Norfolk and led by managing director Dorian Hindmarsh, has been working on the Tesla shooting brake for more than a year. It only has the interior to complete.



The bespoke rear section of the car is made from carbonfibre by a specialist car part manufacturer that usually crafts Formula 1 car components. This is bonded to the car's aluminium chassis.

The project is the result of a conversation with an entrepreneur friend of Hindmarsh's who wanted a car with all the qualities the Model S brings but with more space to carry his dogs. The sloping roofline of the hatchback doesn’t allow enough room in its original form. 



The conversion in its simplest form costs around £70,000 to complete, excluding the cost of the donor car. Prices for other conversions will depend on individuals’ specifications. 

No information on the aerodynamics of the car’s new rear has been given, but Qwest is aiming to set the record for the fastest-accelerating estate car. To achieve this, it’ll have to better the 3.4sec 0-62mph acceleration of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Turbo S E-Hybrid

Qwest is the first company to produce an estate version of the Model S, but it is not the only company working on a design. A London-based design house has also revealed its plans for a Shooting Brake variant, which will be produced in 20 examples for a yet to be confirmed price.

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Seat Arona

Seat is on a roll but can the Arona, its new junior SUV, cut it in such an ultra-competitive class?

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15 November 2017

Has hints of the previous generation Subaru Legacy Estate, even a bit of Civic Tourer. Not sure it needs to be faster than a Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo, that's pushing the boundaries of what can be called an estate.


15 November 2017

...and the pronounced haunch doesn't do it any favours to my eyes.

15 November 2017

that dog is looking worried, he's going to endure a lifetime of being pinned to the rear hatch door glass.


Hydrogen cars just went POP

15 November 2017

Can you imagine in ludicrous mode the poor dog would be plastered to the back window like one of those suction pad Garfields

15 November 2017

If the owner keeps on going like this, his fortune will go faster that his car...

15 November 2017

Yes, he's had to put circa £160k into this car, but as a one off, of a car that in the future will be seen as a game changer and historically significant, I'd imagine the future price of it will be a fortune to the right museum or collector. 

15 November 2017

Flat roofline looks wrong to my eyes. Needs some curvature - but then you're eating into the dog's headroom. Catch22


15 November 2017

Love Tesla, love estate cars. But this one looks plain ugly.

15 November 2017

What a rubbish conversion - not only does it make the bland looking Model S plain ugly, theyre not even doing it properly - you can see the original D pillars, theyre leaving them in !! Great idea, VERY BAD execution.

16 November 2017

D pillar retained for strength integrity, coke bottle shape stands out from boring straight line estates with a more vertical rear window as opposed to lifestyle slants. It is definitely not a hearse. Think ugly, think Cayenne, think sales success.


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