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Production of the iconic hatch will finally end in South Africa after a special roll-out model
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12 November 2009

Volkswagen has launched a new version of the Golf Mk1 in South Africa, as production of the iconic hatchback finally comes to an end.

The VW Golf Mk1 is still being produced for sale in the country and has been since in production at the Uitenhage plant since 1984, when the Mk2 model went on sale in markets around the world. It is the only factory in the world still making the Mk1.

See the hi-res pics of the VW Golf Citi Mk1

Ever-evolving safety regulations have finally caught up with the Mk1, however, and production will end once the 1000 roll-out models, know as the Citi Mk1, are built.

The Citi Mk1 will be available in either black or shadow blue metallic paint, with a range of upgrades also fitted over the standard Mk1.

These include 15-inch gun-metal painted alloys, GT-style stripes under the doors, a chrome exhaust pipe, twin headlights and a chrome front grille surround.

Inside, the Citi gets half-leather sports seats, a retro golf-ball gearknob, a leather steering wheel, new floor mats, special red stitching throughout and an individually numbered plaque on the dashboard.

Each Citi Mk1 will be fitted with a 98bhp 1.6-litre engine and will cost from 113,500 South African rand (£9200). It will only be available in South Africa.

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12 November 2009

There is a little bit of me that goes misty eyed and ponders if it would be a good idea to bring a couple in to the UK.... that was until I got a South African motoring magazine whilst I was on Holiday last year where the review was less than complimentary about these Citi Golf's!

From what I am lead to believe they aren't as good as the original Mk1's - think Yugo's take of the Fiat 127!

12 November 2009

Being a South African living in SA, VWSA is making sooo much profit on these puppies. I haven't seen it but i'm sure the steel press dyes are still all original from the '70s. Interesting facts that probably weren't mentioned is that press release were that it's assembled on the same production line as Heinz baked beans and it scooped the coveted 'It's A Steal' award' for 7 years straight.

I owned a fine 'limited edition' model called the VeloCiti as my first car when I started Uni. before it got nicked by the second term. Ah the nostalgia.

12 November 2009

They stole the dash from the Mk1 Fabia :)

12 November 2009

We built this Citi,

We built this Citi with Rand and gold.

12 November 2009

lol Zeddy..

12 November 2009

I think they are fab

12 November 2009

God bless Giorgio Giugiaro.

Shame Golfs now are all about soft-plastics and badge appeal...

12 November 2009

I think the dash was replaced about 3 years back (and it looked like the Fabia dash), makes it a much nicer car from the inside. Also got rid of the worst part of a Mk1 golf, no room for your knees, how the rubbish centre vents were ever dumped in the way I don't know.
It reminds me that this sort of thing never gets put in road tests. The previous Fiesta's centre console sticks out, rubs on your left calf and is really annoying. Did any roadtests point it out? Now I read tests where they say the driving position is offset to the right. What's that supposed to mean! Have we now brought up journalist who have only ever driven rubbish front wheel drive mini cars, who think the pedals should be 6 inches left of the steering wheel centre?
Anyway the real outrage over this latest update of the Mk1 is, if a Rover 100 with an airbag that was designed (as the metro) about 10 years after the Mk1 golf, struggled to scores 1 out of 5 on the NCAP safety test.... a new Mk1 golf should be able to kill you (without trying) in a 25 mph crash. Yet for similar money you can get a Renault (or many others) where you can hit the same thing at 40 mph and get out completely unhurt !!!
I bet the VW marketing team are selling it as though they are helping South Africans.

12 November 2009

[quote TegTypeR]There is a little bit of me that goes misty eyed [/quote]

A lot misty-eyed here.

Those were the days... 13 inch rims, inside rear cocking its leg...

50 kilos less than an S2 Elise too!

12 November 2009

jerseys for goal posts, cheesy peas at half time...


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