Currently reading: Fiat 500X sales dive prompts price drop and spec update
Changes to the 2018-model-year small SUV include extra kit, removal of trims and diesel engine and price cut; sales dropped 66% last year

Sales of the Fiat 500X fell by two thirds over 2016, prompting Fiat to usher in a series of tweaks to the small SUV for 2018. 

In 2016, the brand sold 14,224 examples of the model, but this tumbled to 4814 in 2017, a collapse of 66%.

In response, Fiat has clipped the 1.3-litre Multijet diesel engine from the 500X line-up, leaving four engines remaining: the 1.4-litre Multiair and 1.6-litre E-torQ petrols and the 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre Multijet diesels.

Prices have been cut across the range, with the range-topping 2.0-litre Cross model taking a £1400 drop. An increase of £120 has been applied to bottom-rung Pop trim, however.

In addition, the higher-spec Lounge and Cross Plus trim levels have been pruned from the line-up, leaving Pop, Pop Star, Mirror and Cross.

Cross brings more rugged styling and the range-topping 2.0-litre engine.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring are now standard across the board, while the 5.0in infotainment touchscreen has been upgraded to a 7.0in unit.

Explaining the cuts, a Fiat spokesman said: “The 2018 500X range includes greater connectivity as standard. Pricing and trim levels across the range have been streamlined to simplify the offering for customers.”

Last year's sales drop was unexpected for Fiat; the 500X is the only SUV in the brand's line-up in the midst of an SUV market boom, while the 500 continues to sell strongly despite a mild Europe-wide decline in the city car market.

It's also likely that the 500X range has been trimmed to accommodate the upcoming WLTP fuel economy and emissions testing procedure, under which every spec of a model must be separately tested.

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graingerblaze 14 February 2018

Missed oppotunity

I test drove the AWD petrol 500X last year and was surprised at just how nice the car was. It felt solid, relaxing, very well made and not what I was expecting from Fiat at all.The problem was not the car but the dealer who was not interested in talking to us becuase we wanted to trade in and buy second hand. We were so put off that we went down the road and bought a Vauxhall Mokka instead as they were keen and offered us £1k more for our car.Nice car, shame about the dealers :-(

Retro Dave 13 February 2018


Perception is a powerful force in consumer buying behaviour. Consumers often base their beliefs about quality on the emotional connection they have with a brand, regardless of the actual quality. Alternatively, a brand that experiences an instance of bad publicity may take years to shake off the negative effects, even if the actual quality is good.

Fiat will always be the latter in UK. Plus most reviewes just tell their readers what they want to hear. 

tomhlord 13 February 2018

Smells like death

The Fiat brand will be no more if this decline continues.

The 500X is a car from 2014 that hasn't even received a mid-cycle revision. Come on Sergio, sort it out please.

PROV 13 February 2018

The 500x sold 90k in Europe

The 500x sold 90k in Europe last year, compared to 104k in 2016. Hardly a catastrophe

xxxx 13 February 2018

In relation to the competition

PROV wrote:

The 500x sold 90k in Europe last year, compared to 104k in 2016. Hardly a catastrophe

True but when there's 5 cars ahead of you in the same market and the 3 top sellers are selling more than twice as many you have to do something before the rot sets in.

Bear in mind they only sold 7,500 in America for 2017 so they can't be making money there either

bhakes 13 February 2018


first of all i said rental market and were in the uk not europe are you the fiat put down police why dont you get a job in the motor trade so you understand what actually happens the new face lift is coming out in august this year with new engines and prices if you would like somebody to explain this to you please go along to your nearest fiat dealership and they will be happy to assist you x