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Available both as a pack and as a (very) limited-run model, it boosts aerodynamics and raises downforce to 830kg at full chat

Ferrari has revealed a new Evo pack for its flagship track-only FXX-K hypercar, creating the FXX-K Evo. 

Essentially a pack that improves aerodynamics and reduces weight on the FXX-K, which in turn is based on the LaFerrari, the Evo now produces 830kg total downforce at the car’s top speed - an improvement of 23% on the standard FXX and 75% over the LaFerrari; 640kg of this is generated at 124mph – close to that of a GT3 championship car. 

Extensive revisions across the exterior include tweaked front and rear bumpers for better airflow, with 10% of the downforce improvement attributed to an additional intake in front of the front wheels, and flicks with a vertical turning vane in the front bumper. This front-end improvement is inspired by Ferrari’s GT efforts. The front brake air intakes have also been redesigned. 

A further 30% of the extra downforce over the FXX-K is attributed to vortex generators on the undertray. 

At the rear, a fixed wing is now fitted, which has been developed to work symbiotically with the active rear spoiler. Although not a new item, the spoiler’s software has been tweaked for maximum benefit with the wing.

There’s also a central wing running up the middle of the car’s rear, as well as one at each rear corner of the car. There are vortex generators mounted on the former, which clean the air at the rear of the car. 

Revisions to the car’s interior include an altered steering wheel and a slightly larger infotainment screen, which uses a new telemetry system. Under the skin, revisions include revised suspension to account for the extra downforce.

The FXX-K Evo can be attained in two ways; existing FXX-K owners can upgrade their cars with the FXX-K Evo package or the car can be bought outright as part of an "extremely limited run". Like the FXX-K, the Evo is for track use only and can only be used in competition, except from Ferrari’s custom programme created for the car. 

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zzzzzz28 30 October 2017

It's as if Need For Speed.

I understand that canards and shark fins have meaning, but they look a little vulgar.
jer 29 October 2017

Looks like a Lotus




J13Dog 29 October 2017

Track ~ Only....

There will be a company that will convert yours to road use...

Check back in 5 years and tell me I was right...

Saucerer 29 October 2017

J13Dog wrote:

J13Dog wrote:

There will be a company that will convert yours to road use...

Check back in 5 years and tell me I was right...

Lanzante springs to mind after they converted the P1 GTR for road use. Although with the way Ferrari dictate who can/can't own or tinker with their hypercars, and with the FXX cars kept by Ferrari, I can't see the FXX K being available for such a conversion. Especially as we've never seen road versions of the Enzo FXX or 599 FXX yet.