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California T replacement features 592bhp V8 engine that can top 199mph; car makes appearance at Fiorano for brand's anniversary event
James Attwood, digital editor
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12 September 2017

This is the new Ferrari Portofino, the firm’s new entry-level model that replaces the California T. It was shown at the Italian firm's 70th anniversary event at the Fiorano test track in Maranello, before being put on display at the Frankfurt motor show.

The folding hard-top convertible is powered by a 592bhp, V8 engine that the Italian firm says can accelerate it from 0-62mph in 3.5sec. The turbocharged 3.9-litre unit is derived from that of the California, but tuned to produce an extra 40bhp, with that peak output arriving at 7500rpm, as well as 561lb ft from 3000rpm to 5250rpm. The Portofino's top speed is claimed to be more than 199mph, which is at least 3mph better than its predecessor.

Ferrari says the Portofino, named after an Italian village, is built around an all-new chassis that is significantly lighter than the California T's, but with greater torsional rigidity due to new production techniques. It has not specified how much lighter the Portofino is than the California T, however. The Portofino's weight distribution is 46/54 front to rear.

The Portofino will feature Ferrari’s E-Diff 3 electronic rear differential and is the first GT car in Ferrari’s range to come with electric power steering, which the company claims has enabled it to reduce the steering ratio rate by 7% without any hindrance to stability. The Portofino also has dual-coil suspension with magnetorheological damping to improve both responsiveness and ride comfort.

The front of the car has an aggressive styling treatment with a large grille. Its headlights are shaped like those of the 488 GTB but with larger black surrounds. Air intakes on the outside edges of the headlights vent into the front wheelarch.


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Overall dimensions have slightly increased on the California, with the Portofino measuring 16mm longer and 28mm wider, although it is 4mm shorter.

The interior of the car features a revamped infotainment system displayed on a 10.2in itouchscreen. A redesigned wind deflector reduces air flow inside the cabin by 30% when the roof is lowered. The hard top can be folded while on the move, although Ferrari is yet to confirm at up to what speed.

The car will be officially launched at the Frankfurt motor show next month.

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23 August 2017

"Don't like it" "Would rather buy a Jaguar F-type" "McLaren would do it better".

9 September 2017

Looks good from every angle apart from the front especially this FUGLY headlights. They are more badly designed then the rest of the car is designed good. Defo rather have the McLaren 570s but the rear of the McLaren is no looker either, guess the McLaren 570GT would win

23 August 2017

I think the author has not been to Portofino since at least 1945 which is now a glittering playground for megayacht owners and their hangers-on. The plebs stay in the Splendido, if they can afford it, but Poverty-on-Sea it ain't

23 August 2017

Longer and shorter are opposites, so how can it be 16mm longer and 4mm shorter?Unless that is 4mm shorter in height, I suspect.Very suited to Portofino, no doubt,will be rare in Portpatrick and Portmahomack though.


23 August 2017

Absolutely beautiful design. 

23 August 2017

Much better looking that the car it replaces, although that wasn't that hard.

Will electric power steering be spreading to other Ferraris? Not really a problem in a luxury cruiser like the Portofino, but on a true Ferrari sports car...

23 August 2017
tuga wrote:

Much better looking that the car it replaces, although that wasn't that hard.

Will electric power steering be spreading to other Ferraris? Not really a problem in a luxury cruiser like the Portofino, but on a true Ferrari sports car...

The 812 has electric steering and that was no train smash.

23 August 2017

it'll take a long time to get the girly California name out of people's heads.

23 August 2017

make this their next target. I think it looks fabulous and so much better than the California - which is also a lot better than most jounralists give it credit for. I, for one, have no interest at all in buying a mid-engined supercar so, much though I admire McLaren's extrordinary acheivements, I'll never be a customer. This thoughis a tempter. 

23 August 2017

Yeah, I think so, a bit TVR from some angles,but it's a nice Car to look at in general.


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