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Six-cylinder car will improve fuel economy and emissions

Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has admitted that the company would make a six-cylinder car in a bid to improve fuel economy and emissions.

"An engine smaller than a V8? Why not?" he told Autocar, acknowledging that six-cylinder engines had been part of Ferrari’s heritage.

However, he vowed that the company’s future sports cars will not be diluted because of the need to cut emissions and increase fuel economy. "Our cars are there to enjoy and we have to maintain this," he said.

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Di Montezemolo also admitted that the company’s engineers were hard at work on a V12 hybrid, previewed by the Green Ferrari concept that was first shown at the Geneva motor show last year.

"Our goal is that it will be ready in four years' time," he said, "but we’re not 100 per cent sure about the cost or economy because there are four years to go and we’ll see lots of improvement in that time."

Ferrari’s boss also conceded that there was no need to introduce hybrid systems on the company’s future V8 models, likely to be the replacements for the California and 458 Italia.

"Turbocharging could be the answer and with the V8 we’re confident that we can achieve impressive consumption and emissions through technology, innovation and electronics," he said.

Di Montezemolo is also pinning his hopes on the fact that the company’s F1 team can provide greener solutions for the road car division, including helping to improve the KERS brake regeneration system for use on the V12 hybrids.

"We’re hoping that F1 can become an advanced research centre again to develop new technology to help with fuel consumption, downforce and new materials," he said.

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david RS 9 June 2010

Re: Ferrari confirms V6 plans

An hybrid NA V6 on a small and light Ferrari (Dino?) : why not?

mfe 9 June 2010

Re: Ferrari confirms V6 plans

With motorbike engines as low as 150cc per cylinder I can't see why cars can't be made with small capacity multi cylinder engines ! A 1.8 V12 with a pair of variable vane turbos , cylinder deactivation and an electric motor for town use could make an interesting package !

Straight Six Man 9 June 2010

Re: Ferrari confirms V6 plans

Turbo Ferraris? I hope to God not. Supercharging, yes, the howl of a supercharged flat plane crank V8 would be wonderful, but an exhaust note-killing turbo setup, no thanks. The only Ferraris I never particularly liked the sound of were the 288GTO and the F40 - precisely because of the turbos. Ferrari could perhaps use a V10 in the 599's replacement, keeping the weight down, reserving the V12 for the bigger 612 replacement, and a flat or V six would make sense for the entry-level model: I'd prefer a flat-six, for balance and low C of G (and Ferrari have made boxer engines in the past), but if they could make a V6 that sounded like the Dino or, better still, the Alfa Busso, I certainly wouldn't complain. One idea they seem to be neglecting completely, though, is a technology where their new sister company, Chrysler, have led the way - cylinder deactivation. Turning off one bank of a V or boxer engine around town would make enormous sense... most Ferraris sound like dishwashers at low revs anyway, so it really wouldn't be an issue. Just bring on the second bank at, say, 2500rpm...