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Most revealing pictures yet of £1.2 million Aston Martin supercar

These are the most revealing pictures yet of the Aston Martin One-77 concept car, taken by’s photographer during an exclusive shoot.

They show the interior and exterior of the £1.2 million car in previously unseen detail, and give the best clues yet as to what the 77 buyers of the ultra-exclusive car will get when the first orders are delivered next March.

See the full gallery of images by clicking here.

You can also hear the One-77’s engine fire up for the first time in our exclusive video, which also features Aston Martin boss Ulrich Bez showing Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe around the car.

Sutcliffe describes the 700bhp 7.3-litre V12's engine note as 'making the Bugatti Veyron seem like a washing machine by comparison' and you can watch the video by clicking here.

So far just over half the allocation of 77 cars has been sold. Each requires an immediate down-payment of £200,000; the remaining £850,000 plus taxes are payable on final delivery.

Blogs: Steve Cropley on why Aston's One-77 is worth the money.

Aston Martin says it will do its best not to sell to speculators, although ultimately it’s very difficult to work out who intends to do what with their car once it has been delivered.

Aston admits that there are several interested parties who have little or no intention of driving their cars. Instead, they want one as a piece of automotive art or merely as an object to collect, much like a painting by Van Gogh or a football shirt worn by Pele.

One customer has even ordered two, apparently - one to drive and one to have stripped down for parts, which will then be hung on his wall.

Read Steve Sutcliffe's blog on the Aston One-77 by clicking here

You can read the full story and see more pictures of the Aston Martin One-77 in this week’s issue of Autocar magazine, on sale in the UK today.

You can also download an exclusive Autocar wallpaper image of the Aston One-77 by clicking here

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