Currently reading: Radical SR8 now faster than ever
SR8LM track special packs a stupendous 455bhp in a 630kg body

As if the Radical SR8 wasn’t powerful enough already, you can now buy it with a 455bhp 2.8-litre V8 Powertec engine – a power hike of 95bhp over the original V8.

That’s enough to give the 630kg SR8LM a power-to-weight ratio of 722bhp per tonne.

The new engine redlines at 10,500rpm, so it’s less than surprising that a completely new six-speed transaxle was required to transmit all the power to the road while leaving some trace of rubber on your tyres.

Still, if you can afford the £89,000 price, new tyres shouldn’t be a problem. And considering that the SR8LM is the fastest off-the-shelf sports racer in the world, it’s really not that expensive.

Certainly not when you compare it to the competition: the SR8LM is so named for its ability to compete with a Le Mans prototype car on most circuits. A lap of Norfolk’s 1.9-mile Snetterton circuit will take less than a minute, provided you've got the talent.

And if you’re really mad, the SR8LM can even be made road legal.

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