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Value brand's CEO confirms 4.6m-long Ford Kuga rival's pricing is "not going to start with a four"

Pricing for the Dacia Bigster – which will arrive in 2025 to kick-start the brand's ambitious push into the crucial C-segment – will start below £40,000, according to CEO Denis Le Vot.

Speaking to Autocar at the launch of the next-generation Dacia Duster, Le Vot confirmed it will be priced well below its rivals. “It’s not going to start with a four,” he said.

He added: “Less than 10 years ago, you bought something for €33,000 [£28,500], and then you go to the same dealership [for your new car] and they say the new car is €40-something thousand. Then lots of people will say: ‘Oh, no, I’m not doing that. It’s too expensive.’

“This is where Dacia makes sense, because we’re coming with, in the case of a C-crossover, the Bigster, and it’s not going to start with a four.”

Le Vot also said that the Bigster will be a "4.6 [metre-long] full-size SUV with five seats" – placing it in direct competition with the Ford Kuga (priced from £33,380) and the new Peugeot 3008 hybrid (from £34,650).

Expanding in this market, in which it currently sells only the 4.3m-long Dacia Duster SUV, will help the Romanian value brand to build on its rapid growth in Europe.

Dacia Bigster concept side

Devised as a rugged but road-focused rival to the likes of the Peugeot 5008 and Skoda Kodiaq, the Bigster will be the largest and most expensive model in the Dacia portfolio when it is launched in early 2025. But it will still embody the same value-for-money ethos as its Duster, Dacia Sandero hatchback and Dacia Jogger MPV siblings – a characteristic that Dacia bosses highlight as a key tenet of the brand’s appeal. 

The Bigster will be based on the same CMF platform as its similar-size Renault Group siblings, the Nissan X-Trail and Renault Austral, and is being engineered from the off with an outright focus on affordability. 

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Dacia Bigster concept rear

“We know that pricing for customers is key, so pricing can’t be just a consequence of the technological choices we make,” said the brand’s sales and marketing boss, Xavier Martinet. “It has to be an input in the product before asking our product planning and engineering colleagues.” 

Just as the Sandero and Duster are comfortably among the most affordable models in their market segments, so too will the Bigster look to capture a significant market share by undercutting established rivals. 

Dacia duster road test 2023 01 tracking front 0

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When asked how the lower pricing of the Bigster would be possible, Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot previously said: “Our recipe is super-clear. We’re making the essential car. We design cars with zero superfluous content: no screen when we can put no screen, no electronics when we can put no electronics, no ADAS when we can put no ADAS.” 

This is a formula that Dacia has already applied to great success with its latest models. It posted a 6.8% global sales uptick in 2022, with 573,800 units, making it the third best-selling brand to private customers in Europe. 

While stripping back the amount of kit fitted to the Bigster will be instrumental in keeping its price low, it is the use of existing Renault Group hardware that really enables Dacia to minimise its development costs and thereby the final price. 

In keeping with the brand’s emphasis on simplicity, the Bigster will be available with only a small selection of trim levels, but it is expected to match its Nissan and Renault relations in offering a choice of either pure-combustion or electrified power. 

Dacia jogger front three quarter 0

The latter will most likely be derived from Renault’s E-Tech full-hybrid system, as used by the Jogger Hybrid and the next-generation Duster Hybrid.

Four-wheel drive will no doubt be an option as well. “We are taking the assets from the group, and we’re lucky that we don’t have to pre-invest, that we don’t have to be a front-runner,” said Le Vot, before confirming that Dacia will “continue leveraging the asset by introducing two new models just after the Bigster”. He refused to confirm further details, though. 

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Additional reporting by Charlie Martin

Vans not included in Dacia's plan

Dacia van front three quarter

While Dacia is looking to dramatically expand the scope of its car offering, a return to the lucrative light commercial vehicle market isn’t on the radar of CEO Denis Le Vot, partly because parent company Renault is already a big player in this sector. 

“Well, I don’t know how we differentiate. That’s why we stopped,” he said laughing, referring to the panel-sided variant of the Dokker MPV that was taken out of production in 2021. 

Le Vot explained the considerations that must be made to cater to a buyer in this segment: “What is a mid-size van? What is the multi-energy of a mid-size van that permits me to go to the countryside but still at the same time enter the city etc? And the line between all these is kind of moving. I would say even undefined.”

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TinyTurbo 11 March 2023

I like Dacia (we bought a Sandero Stepway LPG 6 months back for my wife and it's great value). But who names their models? The "Bigster"? Sounds like something Donald Trump would come up with, in his bigly sort of way!!

Andrew1 12 March 2023
The press. Dacia actually said it won't be called that.
RemyXiomara 10 March 2023

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Citytiger 10 March 2023

Dacia are effectivelly doing what VW promised to do with Skoda, until it saw the £££££££ and made Skoda just as expensive at its SEAT and VW models. Well done Dacia. 

Dozza 10 March 2023

Skoda's are better value than their Seat or VW counterparts and FWIW they look better. 

Andrew1 11 March 2023
I disagree with every part of that statement.

They look terrible inside-outside and have terrible ride quality due to their big body on small platform approach which was used in the past to lower the costs. Now they are just as expensive as the other brands in the group while pocketing the bigger profits.

FastRenaultFan 30 November 2023
I disagree with everything you just said. There is nothing wrong with how they look inside. Yes tge plastics are a bit cheap and hard but they will be long wearing.
My sister had a first generation or was it a second anyway the first generation to come here to Ireland and it drove perfectly good with a good ride too. It done the job. She now drives a Clio. Both cars were bought new.