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Citroen has shown part of the styling of the new C3 in a promotional video, which also reveals the date of the new supermini's unveiling

Citroën has revealed several elements of the styling of its upcoming new Citroen C3 supermini in a video which also reveals the model's date of unveiling.

The new C3 has been revealed - take a look here

The rear-side styling of the car is revealed in what appears to be a computer rendering of the new C3, as well as fragments of design sketches and a close-up of a clay design mule during production.  

It's hard to make out the finer details, but it's clear to see that the rear-end styling draws heavily from the C4 Cactus, with square tail-light clusters, a boot spoiler and a recessed area - usually coloured black on the C4 Cactus - between the upper boot panel and the bumper. Reflecting the compact dimensions of the C3, the styling appears more upright than it does on the C4 Cactus, however.

We've already spotted the new C3 out testing, and it's clear to see the C4 Cactus influence over the design of the new supermini, both front and rear. 

The front appears to adopt the Citroën family face currently seen on the C4 Cactus and Picasso models, while large wheels appear on all the depictions of the car throughout the 13-second video. These could be designed out for the production model, but Renault's use of 20in alloys on the new Scénic suggests that manufacturers are more open to using large alloys on production cars instead of leaving them as a concept-only feature.

Engines in the new C3 are expected to include Citroën's Blue HDi 1.6-litre diesel and Puretech 1.0 and 1.2-litre three-cylinder units, which will keep the C3 in line with Citroën's envied position as one of the top manufacturers of low-CO2 cars. 

Other images appear in the video, including vintage clips of car development and other filler material, before the final slide, which reveals that the new C3 will be unveiled on 29 June 2016. Prices of the new C3 are expected to rise slightly over the current model's £11,000 starting price.

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SX1 26 June 2016

....and this is not the new

....and this is not the new C3 in these teaser shots, it's the C4 Cactus in 3D.....
Cheltenhamshire 24 June 2016

Is it new, or DS3 'new'?

Is it new, or DS3 'new'?
superstevie 24 June 2016

Cheltenhamshire wrote: Is it

Cheltenhamshire wrote:

Is it new, or DS3 'new'?

Looks a lot different from the current car, so more new than the new DS3

Mini2 24 June 2016


Cheltenhamshire wrote:

Is it new, or DS3 'new'?

New new ;)

SX1 25 June 2016

No it's not new at all since

No it's not new at all since it'll just be a reskined Peugeot 208, this info has been known for a while here in France.
tuga 24 June 2016


That's a Cactus. Look at the size and positioning of the Airbumps vs the official sketch.
SX1 26 June 2016

You're absolutely right, I'am

You're absolutely right, I'am surprised a site specialised in cars didnt spot that it's the Cactus and not the new C3