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Created in tribute to the original La Voiture Noire, the two models feature tweaked bodywork and cost £2.56m

Bugatti has unveiled two special editions of its Bugatti Chiron hypercar, the Chiron Noire Sportive and the Chiron Noire Élégance, both created as a tribute to the original La Voiture Noire, a rare Bugatti built in the 1930s.

Earlier this year, the brand revealed a modern-day La Voiture Noire2, described as a “modern interpretation of the coupé... created as the ultimate Gran Tourismo for Bugatti enthusiasts”. Thanks to the continued interest in the one-off, the maker has now introduced these two special editions. Both use the same mechanical set-up as the standard Chiron, including its 8.0-litre 16-cylinder engine.

The Chiron Noire Élégance features black exposed carbonfibre and a newly designed grille with the Bugatti 'Macaron' emblem at the centre, made of silver and black enamel. There are new alloys and black calipers, Noire badges in front of the rear wheel while the rear view mirror and engine cover are finished in black carbonfibre and polished aluminium.

The interior is also dominated by black, and 'Noire' appears on the door sills and on the outside of the centre console, as well as being sewn into the headrests. 

The second model, the Chiron Noire Sportive also uses exposed carbonfibre, but with a matt black finish. The C-shaped signature line, wheels, front spoiler and radiator grille are all matt black, as are the four visible tailpipes and parts of the engine cover.

The interior is even more dominated by black than the Chiron Noire Élégance. The switches, push-buttons and rotary knobs on the dashboard, steering wheel, centre console and door handles are matt black, which “underlines the car’s exclusive, sporty character,” said Bugatti. 

There will be 20 models made, priced at €3 million (£2.56m) with deliveries starting from March 2020. A Chiron Noire based on the Chiron Sport is also available at an extra €100,000 (£85,338).

The original La Voiture Noire, of which only four were built between 1936 and 1938, was a special Type 57 SC Atlantic created by Jean Bugatti. The black car disappeared at the beginning of the Second World War. Bugatti claim if the car was discovered, “it would probably be the most expensive and most valuable car in the world”.


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awesome post thanks for

awesome post thanks for sharing.

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Never seen a Chiron?

 Yep, it matters that much, there are People out there who can buy these amazing cars, it's nice to know they exist, yes, I'd like a passenger ride, who wouldn't?