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New Jaguar saloon spotted testing in Europe; will launch in 2015 for less than £30,000

These latest spy pictures show the new baby Jaguar saloon testing ahead of its expected reveal in the autumn.

The model, caught here cold-weather testing in Scandanavia, will be a direct rival to the likes of the BMW 3-series, and is expected to go on sale soon after March next year. These pictures are believed to show a long-wheelbase version of the car, which makes it similar in size to the XF replacement. However, sources suggest that model won't be seen for another 18 months.

Jaguar Land Rover design boss Ian Callum has told Autocar that design work has already been finished on the as-yet-unnamed model, saying that it will "follow the current design trends of Jaguar", rather than creating a new design language for the firm.

The saloon will be underpinned by Jaguar's iQ[Al] architecture, first seen in action on the C-X17 SUV concept, and is expected to feature a more powerful front trapezoidal grille alongside a clamshell bonnet with twin power bulges and muscular haunches.

Jaguar's new family of petrol and diesel engines, dubbed Hotfire, will power the new saloon. Those engines are currently under development at JLR's Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton. Jaguar is likely to offer the saloon with sub-100g/km CO2 emissions in some variants, while performance models should get a top speed of around 186mph.

The company has also confirmed the new model will be priced just below the existing XF, which means a starting price of less than £29,945.

Global brand director for the company Adrian Hallmark has previously told Autocar that Jaguar will "deliver a sports saloon with an unparalleled breadth of performance and efficiency. A true Jaguar and the car that will revolutionise this segment".

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SirSidneyRuffdiamond 11 March 2014

I see the Hun has returned - GermanPower issuing orders again...

£30k is too expensive a starting point for a smaller model than the XF so I hope it will be considerably less than that. I won't repeat what others have said. I love Jag, my favourite carmaker. Always offers a bit of extra class and something a bit different from the ubiquitous German opposition, which undoubtedly offer excellent cars but which all tend to be a bit derivative, ego-driven (in terms of power, just like Germany) and most of all, joyless.

NB: GermanPower - you really do deserve a good slap. Don't start throwing your weight around here and tell people not to 'dare' to say this or that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including idiots like you, but if you are going to act like a Nazi then sod off back to the German auto papers. The same will happen to Germany if it keeps trying disempower and weaken other European nations in order to enforce its own control over them. It just seems to be an inherent flaw in ithe German national character. Pesonally I will be solemnly commemorating the outbreak of the 1st World War in the certain knowledge that, as usual, Germany started it and bears thge main responsibility for the death of many millions. It wasn't the only time that happened, if you recall, and all because of that fatal flaw in the German psyche.

dipdaddy 25 January 2014

recently, range rover

recently, range rover accounted for most of the sales figures, believe it was 80% whilst Jag was the remaining 20%, there is a big hill to climb which I do hope his new car will cover.

I was hoping this car will have a different characteristic look and appeal but I think the germanic docile nature of the "copy n' paste the design onto the next car" is rubbing onto Jag, which I do hate because its a cheap approach. It ruins the excitement of the wait and all i would expect now is a XS that is half F-type and XF.

btw, I actually "own" a 159 and being an "owner" i can actually say that nothing still comes close in style to the 159, not even new cars, and contrary to popular belief - it's very reliable. I can't say much about the SAAB as i never "owned" one.

GermanPower 21 January 2014

How dare you even compare the

How dare you even compare the 3 Series to this piece of crap. The new M3 can out accelerate anything JLR produce, even at twice the price.
rickerby 23 January 2014

Think he meant the new Jag

Think he meant the new Jag
madmac 26 January 2014

GermanPower wrote:How dare

GermanPower wrote:

How dare you even compare the 3 Series to this piece of crap. The new M3 can out accelerate anything JLR produce, even at twice the price.

Not forgetting the C63 AMG which blows away the M3 [Car&Driver Dec 08 0-60 3.9sec,0-100 9.2]and is a much better daily driver.The new 4.0 TT with 4matic will be in the mid 3's.So it will blow away everything.New Jag looks nice but will have to be fast.Promising though,maybe not enough rear headroom?