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The long-awaited 'baby' Jaguar saloon will go on sale in 2015
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9 September 2013

Jaguar has confirmed it will launch its ‘baby’ saloon in 2015. Jaguar claims its BMW 3-series rival will be “the most advanced, efficient and refined sports sedan in its class”.

The new model will be based on the firm’s long-awaited modular platform architecture, dubbed iQ[Al] and will be powered by Jaguar’s new family of petrol and diesel engines built at the firm’s new facility in Wolverhampton. The news was confirmed today ahead of the Frankfurt motor show.

The new engine line-up, plus the vehicle's new lightweight construction will enable Jaguar to offer the new C/D segment saloon in sub-100g/km variants as well as performance models capable of more than 186mph. 

Jaguar global brand director, Adrian Hallmark, said the new platform "provides flexibility to develop a broad and more accessible range of Jaguars that will all deliver efficiency and driving pleasure to a whole new generation of Jaguar owners. 

"The first product that will be built on the new architecture will be delivered in 2015. It will be an all-new, midsized, premium sports saloon, priced just below the existing XF. Jaguar will deliver a sports saloon with an unparalleled breadth of performance and efficiency… A true Jaguar and the car that will revolutionise this segment."

It is expected that the new saloon will spawn other variants, including a coupé and an estate.

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9 September 2013

However I hope they adopt the idea of a small GT car rather than just a two door saloon like the 4 series. It could look really dramatic and still have +2 seating.

Given that the saloons in the range are called XJ and XF, and they have reserved the rights for the name XQ, I would imagine thats what the saloon will be called. So how about XQ-S for the coupe?

9 September 2013

I must be honest and say that I think this is a very big mistake,
BMW have this part of the market ,the most up to date 3 is a very
good car indeed and Jaguar will need to produce something very
special indeed to take it on let alone beat it.
In my opinion they should have gone after the BMW 1 and Audi 1
market,if they could get this market then more people would be
on the first step into the Jaguar family.

9 September 2013

The only mistake was not being in this segment years ago. The segment below is not profitable enough to enter first, get this model right and you can do want you want, just like BMW. Unfortunately with the unveiling of the unimaginative partsbin that appears to be the CX17 I don't hold out much hope. How can they get one brand (nearly) so right and yet make such a collosal fxxk up of the other.

9 September 2013

Sorry, beg to differ, but far from Jag being late to the 3-series party, etc, it could all work out in its favour. Ironically, the 3 is now the norm, in terms of ubiquity it's becoming the Cortina of its generation.

Assuming the new Jag will be RWD - it will be RWD, won't it??!! - it should match, or even beat, the 3 for handling/dynamics and be able to offer a car that feels 'a bit more special' that also sets its owners apart from the hoi polloi - which is why the early adopters embraced the 3.

The baby Jag's styling, inside and out, has got to look cool as f**k, mind - no X-Type-style frumps this time. But with Ian Callum around, that'll never happen Wink

11 September 2013

I could be completely wrong here, but aren't the majority of the sales to this sector fleet sales?

I drive a BMW, not particularly 'cause it is my choice, but it was the best of the options I was given. So will it widely get onto fleet lists? I'd have thought that is the pertinent question.

That said - if it does, there is an opportunity. Often fleets don't allow you to option up cars easily. A base XF with no options IMO is a much nicer place to be than a base 5 series. THAT's how to appeal to the company car driver,

24 October 2013

You mean it will compete with the current great flabby BMW 3 series?
We want small , yet with quality, think turbocharged VdP 1300 Princess.

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