Performance pair are among several Audis that could receive adjustments to CO2 and economy figures

Audi has temporarily stopped taking orders for its S4 and S5 models while it develops new engine management software that could potentially affect their fuel economy and CO2 outputs.

The two performance models are among several Audis due to get new software. A source told Autocar that the resulting effects would have to be tested by German regulators before more cars can be sold.

“Audi has decided on a stricter interpretation of tolerances of the regulations for measuring CO2 emissions applicable in the EU,” said an Audi spokesperson. “This may lead to adjusted CO2 figures for some Audi models.”

The spokesperson said the changes to the S4 (above) and S5 were being implemented to improve “comfort and spontaneity” and “may lead to a moderate increase in fuel consumption”.

Our source said changes are also being applied to the A4 2.0 TFSI, but Audi has refrained from commenting on this. No timescale has been set for the reopening of order books for the S4 and S5.

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10 July 2017
Overreaction by the car manufacturer to be seen as squeaky clean.
I saw a new a5 on the road the other day. I didn't like it. The wavy line down the car is really clumsy.

10 July 2017
I was running alongside a new A5 followed by a previous model A5 last weekend. The new model's feature line is clearly technically more challenging. It is also a lot uglier as is the whole car. Audi design is eating itself. As for the story - embarrassing no?

10 July 2017
Or at least not a pollutant issue. Sounds more like they're trying to find a better balance between drivability (comfort and spontaneity?) and fuel consumption / CO2. Either way the issue must be pretty serious to stop production and potentially lose sales.

10 July 2017
I've owned S4s before and find this disappointing as there is no explanation for this having not been dealt with before the model was launched. So we have to lose faith in petrol Audis now? The same/similar engine is used in the new SQ5 and Porsche SUVs. Where does this end?

I would not buy the current S4 due to the poor dash with the awful stuck on sat nav screen but that's another story.

10 July 2017
A lot of people are compliaining about hesitancy I believe and the torque converter box isn't going down to well from what I read on the forums

10 July 2017
Autocar said this about the S4 "The ‘box is capable of rapid gearchanges when asked, and the V6 feels muscular, pulling strongly from low rpm yet happy to rev out should the mood take you."
So, no need to stop production just for performance issues as it drives perfectly well.
It is obviously more of the Diesel-gate type issues rearing there head again.
Audi must be taking this problem very seriously as reminding customers of the previous disaster would be the last thing they want to do.

10 July 2017
Interesting stuff as I received an update this morning from Audi telling me that my order for an S5 is due to start production next Monday so I guess that's good timing (or maybe not). What's more interesting is that 3 days ago the German authorities made their first arrest over the VW scandal.

10 July 2017
Why don't the authorities test every petrol and diesel model VW, Porsche, Audi make? They have been cheating large scale since 2006 at least. Incidentally they have made greattach sales progress since then. Today they are the world's largest car maker and coincidentally the most corrupt too. Crime I guess pays in Germany after all.

10 July 2017
It surprises me that people are at all forgiving of a company that has wilfully and consistently lied to them.

10 July 2017
eseaton wrote:

It surprises me that people are at all forgiving of a company that has wilfully and consistently lied to them.

From Porsche stealing the Beetle design from Tatra, Nazi saving stamps fraud and slave labour all the way through to union corruption, orgies at management parties, sales figures falsification and emissions testing criminality it amazes me they have any kind of reputation left at all.


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