Currently reading: Audi recalls 1.27 million cars worldwide
An electrical fault is behind the recall on the A4, A5 and Q5, although the cars are safe to be used – unless there's a burning smell

Audi is recalling 1.27 million cars across the world, with Audi A4, Audi A5, Audi A5 Cabriolet and Audi Q5 models built between April 2011 and May 2015 affected.

The recall is due to the risk of a fire caused by "thermal overload occurring at the plug connectors of the electrical connections in the auxiliary heater due to friction corrosion", Audi states. Incorrect coatings on the contacts are also to blame. 

The friction is caused by stress and movement in the components, which in turn can cause an electrical fire. The recall will fit a new auxiliary heating element with improved electrical contacts. 

Audi advises owners that their cars can still be driven despite the fault, but if a burning smell can be detected, they should park the car and call their local Audi dealer. 

Audi discovered the fault through product monitoring checks.

It’s not yet known how many UK cars are affected by the recall; 875,000 cars are affected in Europe, 250,000 in North America and 47,000 in Asia.

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Citytiger 24 December 2017

Well Audi do have a history

Apparently there was nothing wrong with the mk1 TT until they started rolling over and killing people, they all got recalled for extensive modifications, even though to this day Audi fail to admit there was a fault and blamed the drivers. 

275not599 23 December 2017

I think Roadster should be

I think Roadster should be recalled.  He's stuck in one gear and can only go round and round in circles.  There's an awful lot of smoke too.

Cobnapint 23 December 2017


Yeah right. I wouldn't celebrate too soon, JLR probably use the same aux heater.

Marc 23 December 2017

Cobnapint wrote:

Cobnapint wrote:

Yeah right. I wouldn't celebrate too soon, JLR probably use the same aux heater.

Just wait until the issues with the early Ingenium units hit the press. He'll shit himself.