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The look of the all-new Audi A3 has been revealed, after the car was shown on its new MMI screen
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11 January 2012

Audi has given the biggest indication year as to the look of the forthcoming A3, after it released images of the car’s infotainment system containing views of the car.

The press photos of the A3’s new MMI screen clearly displayed graphics displaying the C-segment car, which will debut at the Geneva motor show in March.

The car will have a more aggressive look than the current model, with slimmer headlights and a deep front bumper featuring large airvents. The sides feature a pronounced swage lines and an acute C-pillar kink.

Although the images only show the three-door model, Sportback, saloon and cabriolet models will all be offered, each with a representation of the more angular Audi rear end.

The images released by Audi show an A1-inspired cabin with large round airvents, an all-new MMI terminal and a pop-up screen designed to look like an iPhone. The new interior was debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Los Angeles.

Stuart Milne

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11 January 2012

It looks like an upscaled A1.

Audi's new design direction really can't come a moment too soon.

11 January 2012

[quote TegTypeR] It looks like an upscaled A1.

Audi's new design direction really can't come a moment too soon.[/quote]

Seconded. That is monumentally dull, and shows once again how developing such a uniform design language means that any new car unveiled is exactly how you already imagined it - no magic left in the reveal!


11 January 2012

I think you could call this 'evolution' rather than' Revolution'.....but since they seem to have the recipe for success in terms of sales, you can hardly expect Audi to 'rock the boat' too much.

I think it looks sharper than the old model, and would guess it looks pretty good in the flesh.

11 January 2012

Its exactly the same as the old A3, Apart from a hideously oversided grille....

11 January 2012

I quite like it.. Looks like a nice progression of the current model. - Sharper as stated above.

Hopefully some improvements to engines and the driving dynamics, should be a decent car.

I often think people are so ingrained not to give this brand any complements.

11 January 2012

So, it looks like a bigger A1 with a hint of A4 design, surprised anyone? lol

11 January 2012

I think the word "revealed" is a little over dramatic for this story.

And "acute C pillar kink"? Its the first time I've ever seen this very conventional style of window shape singled out and described as such. Seems the author was struggling to find anything to say about this new look. Still, I'm sure it will look very smart.

11 January 2012

So Audi's new design direction really can't come a

moment too soon,may i ask why?.

It would seem they can sell every car they make,year

on year sales rise, why change something that works?,

Update,yes,change i don't think so.

11 January 2012

If That Audi have released such a bland and boring new A3 meets with little press criticism and will probably be 'great' to drive.If any of the mass market manufacturers launched a car this ordinary we wouldnt hear the end of it.

11 January 2012

Doubt it'll look like that, that looks like an 8l a3 with a fake 8p front on, much as I dislike audi just now there is no chance the car will look like tat at the front. There will be something to break it up.


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