Currently reading: All-new Audi A3 images 'revealed'
The look of the all-new Audi A3 has been revealed, after the car was shown on its new MMI screen

Audi has given the biggest indication year as to the look of the forthcoming A3, after it released images of the car’s infotainment system containing views of the car.

The press photos of the A3’s new MMI screen clearly displayed graphics displaying the C-segment car, which will debut at the Geneva motor show in March.

The car will have a more aggressive look than the current model, with slimmer headlights and a deep front bumper featuring large airvents. The sides feature a pronounced swage lines and an acute C-pillar kink.

Although the images only show the three-door model, Sportback, saloon and cabriolet models will all be offered, each with a representation of the more angular Audi rear end.

The images released by Audi show an A1-inspired cabin with large round airvents, an all-new MMI terminal and a pop-up screen designed to look like an iPhone. The new interior was debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Los Angeles.

Stuart Milne

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Fidji 20 January 2012

Re: All-new Audi A3 images 'revealed'

moe360 wrote:
I love my A3 sport back and having had it for nearly 2 years it’s been a joy to own never caused one problem, people always say how smart it looks

Who are these people, Moe? Tramps? Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

matsoc 16 January 2012

Re: All-new Audi A3 images 'revealed'

K1NZ wrote:
Its just a shame Audi cant seem to engineer any good driving dynamics into their cars otherwise they would be immensely popular,not saying they arent already, but it does seem to be their major let down.

Yes, the majority of the Audi I drove seemed lo lack something in dynamic behavior. They feel safe even at high speeds and they give you immediately confidence but when you are looking for some fun the steering doesn't get so communicative...the chassis doesn't seem alive. I think that many drivers like the Audi dynamic behavior though and that's why they tend to keep it unchanged. A friend of mine passed from a Bmw 330d to an A4 3.0 tdi quattro and he likes how the Audi behave a lot more. I drove both and I'd take the Bmw any day but it's also a matter of taste.

disco.stu 15 January 2012

Re: All-new Audi A3 images 'revealed'

BriMarsh wrote:
Never seen the appeal of the A3 myself, it's surely just an overpriced Golf for the fashion conscious...

It's not all that much more expensive, and given that the A3 generally has a better residual value than the Golf, it would probably work out much the same. Sitting side-by-side alongside a Golf, the last-gen Audi definitely looks better - lower, sleeker and sportier. The Golf looks much more upright and frumpy. In isolation you wouldn't have thought there would be that much of a difference. Presumably the new one will continue along this path.