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Audi has previewed the interior for the forthcoming A3 with a host of new technology

The interior of the new Audi A3 has been previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, ahead of the car’s debut at the Geneva motor show in March.

The dashboard, which closely resembles that of the Audi A1 supermini, features a range of new technology which will be available in the 2013 A3.

Audi’s MMI terminal has been completely redeveloped, and is now narrower to fit the slim transmission tunnel of the forthcoming A3. The system centres around the touchwheel, which combines the wheel function of the current MMI with the touchpad functionality fitted to the A6 and A8. It enables the operator to ‘write’ characters by finger movement.

Two rocker switches are ahead of the touchwheel; one operating the telephone and navigation and the other controlling the media and radio systems. Four softkeys to the side of the wheel navigate through the menus and two behind the wheel directly access the main menus. A separate volume control with skip function completes the interface.

The structure of the menu system has been revised. The player and media centre are clearly separated and song titles, albums and artists can be located via a free text search.

Information is displayed on a new monitor, which slides out of the dashboard. The iPhone-influenced screen features LED backlighting and in an industry first, delivers 3D graphics.

The new MMI has been designed to remove risk of obsolescence by incorporating a new Multi Media eXtension (MMX) board, which uses flash memory to make updating easy. The board itself can also be replaced.

Optionally available will be Audi Phone Box, which utilises contactless technology to improve phone connectivity. In the future, Audi hopes to introduce contactless charging.

A head-up display will be offered, projecting key information to appear 2.3 metres ahead of the driver. Future displays will project navigation data in the correct position in the real world environment. As a driver approaches a junction, the HUD will display a transparent route arrow precisely at the real junction. At a distance of 10 metres, the arrow will appear the same size as a physical arrow on the pavement.

Other developments will enable the car to show the direction the road will take after a hillcrest, the distance to the car ahead and the direction pedestrians in the road are heading.

An electromagnetic parking brake replaces the manual handbrake on the current car.

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catnip 11 January 2012

Re: New Audi A3 interior debuts at CES

paul896 wrote:

catnip wrote:

You obviously have a much higher opinion of the skills and 'common sense' of many of the drivers on our roads today, particularly the younger ones who will particularly be attracted to this sort of technology. I have no problem with all this stuff being available, just not being able to use it whilst the vehicle is moving.

What you might be forgetting Catnip, is this technology is available already, people texting, and checking in on FB with their iPhones and other smart phones. People are doing it already,using technology provided by the car or not.

No, I haven't forgotten that, but I was under the impression that it was illegal to do all this on a hand held device whilst on the move. It is, on the other hand, legal to use the inbuilt systems. I know this distinction won't make any difference to many people but I just think you should be concentrating on your driving, rather than being encouraged to do something else at the same time.

arh09 11 January 2012

Re: New Audi A3 interior debuts at CES

Just found this video of the system in use on Youtube. It looks very slick indeed. It will be interesting to see how much of this is available in a standard car and how much is optional extra. When i looked at the A4 a few years ago the MMI system was a ridiculous price, and without it the interior looks very bare and really looks like there's something missing, a bit like when you used to see the base model of cars with lots of blanks where the switches would be on the top spec, you know, for luxuries like heated rear screen fog lights. :-) I'm still in two minds about this fashion for pop-up screens, though. On one hand it looks like a bit of an afterthought, but on the other it allows the rest of the fascia to be far more minimalist.

Malcypoos 11 January 2012

Re: New Audi A3 interior debuts at CES

Imagine the fuel you will save, by the time you have read the manual and managed to select R4, you'd have forgotten where it was you were going.