A more performance-focused version of Mercedes’ C 63 will get a big rear wing and an anticipated 577bhp

A Mercedes-AMG C 63 R is on the way to fight it out with the BMW M4 GTS next year, as shown by these pictures of a development car testing at the Nürburgring.

The car wears a large rear wing and a prominent front spoiler, suggesting it will produce genuine downforce to enhance track performance and hinting at a more powerful version of the C 63’s ‘hot-vee’ twin-turbocharged V8 under the bonnet.

The most powerful C 63 on sale at the moment is the C 63 S, which produces 503bhp from its 4.0-litre unit. But as shown by the hardcore 577bhp GT R, significantly more power can be extracted from this engine.

The GT R’s 4.0-litre petrol engine uses different turbochargers, reworked engine mapping and a higher compression ratio to offer the additional grunt, but it's not yet known whether the C 63 R will get exactly the same specification of engine.

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Mercedes-AMG C 63

Merc's factory tuner turns up the C-Class wick to unparalleled levels. Few other super saloons can compete for sheer petrol-burning exuberance

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We do know that, like the AMG GT R, the C 63 R will shed some weight due to the use of carbonfibre parts and possibly a set of aluminium wheels and a titanium exhaust system.

The results will make for a car that’s both significantly quicker off the line and faster around corners than the C 63 S, which reaches 62mph in 3.9sec. The C 63 R’s arch rival, the BMW M4 GTS, manages the same sprint in 3.8sec, suggesting the new Mercedes will have the edge on performance.

Pricing should increase substantially on the C 63 S, which starts at £67,450. If the M4 GTS is anything to go by, something in the region of £120,000 is possible.

Why no Mercedes-AMG C 63 Black Series?

While not confirmed by Mercedes, a hotter version of the C 63 has been expected for some time. Originally thought to come in the form of a C 63 Black Series, it now seems that Mercedes will opt to use its R badge to name its extra-hot coupé.

The Black Series model name is not expected to return to production until an AMG GT Black Series is launched in the coming years, as previously suggested by AMG boss Tobias Moers.

"It won’t be here soon because Black Series cars tend to come towards the end of a car’s production cycle, but an AMG GT Black is a car we must do,” he said.

Mercedes is likely to stick with its S and R naming conventions, as demonstrated by the AMG GT S and GT R models, until that first new Black Series model lands.

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10 October 2016
The same (tuned) V8 will give circa 600 in the 2017 E63.

10 October 2016
the environmentalist must have slept through whilst this was worked up. The do-gooders were on holiday, they "i say awfully" chaps were having their gin and tonics, and Mummsy wasnt looking at her bank balance. If ever there was concern for the younger generation hooligans - this is it. Wish I could turn the clock back and be a badass

what's life without imagination

10 October 2016
I love many AMG products, but that looks HIDEOUS. In fact, much worse than that.

10 October 2016
I suppose it is designed for the enthusiasts autocar always goes on about, I wonder what an enthusiast looks like. Can we get an enthusiast rendering from the autocar artists so we can recognise them?

Without the rear wingosaurus please. It's an expensive way of getting laughed at with it.


11 October 2016
Bah! without 4Matic it won't put its power down in wet or icy conditions,and won't even get out of a snowy driveway.BMW and Mercedes have to put 4WD in the middle AMG and M models [a smaller car and better handling than E63,M6] or they are going to continue losing market to Audi in snowy areas.


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