Development of high-performance model took a hit when this prototype slammed into the barriers

A 2017 Chevrolet Z/28 development car has been filmed crashing into the barriers at the Nürburgring during testing.

The model is set to arrive as a lighter, harder version of the Camaro ZL1, and has been testing in prototype form for several months. This crash could be a slight setback to ongoing development plans, but it isn’t expected to have any impact on the model’s arrival, which insiders say will come later this year.

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No official details have been released about the new car, but insiders say the new Z/28 will follow the form of its predecessors and be powered by the same engine as the second hottest Camaro, the ZL1.

That engine is Chevrolet’s LT4 small-block V8, which can produce up to 650bhp. The new Camaro should therefore improve on the old Z/28’s 0-60mph time of 4.0sec.

The Camaro Z/28 will be available with GM's active damping tech and Magnetic Ride Control. Our latest spy photographs also show that it has a fixed rear wing and winglets on the front bumper, emphasising its track focus.

The Camaro ought to be a genuine rival to the likes of the Porsche 911 GT3, but in its native American market will likely cost significantly less. The last Z/28 was priced from $75,000 (about £44,000) in 2014.

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Chevrolet Camaro muscle car

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12 May 2016
American cars don't go round corners, it was only doing 40 at the time.

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

12 May 2016
... until someone dies trying to trim those extra few seconds off their time so the manufacturer can sell a couple more cars. Suddenly Nurburgring lap times won't seem quite so relevant then. I hope i'm wrong.



You're not stuck in traffic - you are traffic!!

12 May 2016
Those lap times are so important on the run to Tesco or McDonald's.

13 May 2016
Last Saturday night I was driving a rental Golf GTD from work at 30mph on the speed limit through Wigan when a Focus STD overtook me stopped at the red light then took a right turn into McD's those lap times are important, just like the fake carbon trim and the silly noise coming through the speakers.

13 May 2016
A Focus STD? You don't want to catch one of those...

12 May 2016
That car is as fat as a Panamera but is pitched against a GT3? Lol.
Putting a beefy V8 in a fat muscle car and big wheels does not make a Porsche contender, as evident in this embarrassing crash.
The Mustang GT-350R is its direct competitor and so far that has completed many hours of test around the ring without making love to the barriers, if it is anything to go by, it seems Chevy is putting too much power in a car that is not able to handle it, which is rather laughable....

12 May 2016
The Panamera weighs over 4100lbs. The GT350 is 37960lbs and the GT350R is 3710lbs. Guess what the "fat muscle car," top of the line Camaro 2SS weighs? 3718 lbs. Only 8 pounds more than the so-called "light weight" GT350R. Depending on engine choice, they could easily bring the Z/28 well below 3700 lbs.

Saying that a crash on the ring is indicative of too much power is really what's laughable when there are countless examples of cars with a fraction of the power wiping out. And in this case, it's evidence of a mechanical failure. What's the excuse for this GT350 that spun out?

12 May 2016
The video suggests a component failed, as the front end suddenly started to go right for no apparent reason. I don't think the driver made a mistake but I could be wrong. Autocar not Chevrolet is suggesting it ought to be a GT3 rival but then, how many videos are there of 911s spinning out at the Ring?

12 May 2016
The fact that they caught a development mule going off should be no shame to anyone, especially when you're pushing hard. I'm pretty sure that once the car is launched it will open a few eyes quite wide for its sheer dynamic competence, as the base SS has already shown.
The second part is that a Camaro is a large-ish coupé, not a pure sports car, so it's no 911 rival, that's the Corvette's role (btw, the Z06 resolutely trounces the 911 GT3 RS around a track. Any track). This one competes against the aforementioned GT350R and M4 GTS, to mention 2 possible rivals, and even the GT-R. Once it's launched we'll see how competent it is, but if the previous Z28 is any indication, I'd say plenty.

12 May 2016
Who took the video down SMMT Hitlers or Chevrolet?

I agree with some comments here, that it appears irresponsible at best to try and match the agility of a GT3 on the Nürburgring , with a Fat American Dad of a car, with dubious handling characteristics and a beer belly hanging over his Wranglers.
Yes, we know its a cheaper, lovable, working class hero bawls and blah, blah, blah.

In my opinion, 99% of American cars are giant turds.


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