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Having recently named the best cars on sale in the UK, now it's time to name the worst…
Andrew Frankel Autocar
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20 December 2014

A few weeks ago Andrew Frankel picked his top 50 best cars in sale in Britain today.

Among the top 10 were the Mini Cooper, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Range Rover Sport, Ford Fiesta 1.0T EcoBoost and Porsche 911 GT3, but it was the storming Volkswagen Golf R which took the top honours. 

There's a flipside, though, because while we were busy naming the best cars on sale today, we also had to choose those models which fall drastically short of our expectations.

Welcome, then, to our list of the worst cars on sale in this country.

10 - Infiniti Q50 2.2D

Worryingly, the firm’s top brass must have driven the Q50 back to back with a BMW 3-series and concluded that it was at least competitive. It isn’t.

9 – Ford EcoSport

Ford is not the only manufacturer to get a car into both the top five and the bottom 10, but the EcoSport still represents an amazing drop in form.

8 – Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid

World’s first luxury sporting plug-in hybrid. But its power delivery is annoying, the price high and the base diesel better and more frugal in daily use.

7 – Fiat 500L

Proof that there are limits to the elasticity of brands even as strong as the 500. If you think it isn’t much to look at, wait until you drive it.

6 – Mini Paceman John Cooper Works All4

Take a Countryman and remove the main point of buying one (its five doors and practical interior). If the Paceman has a point, we can’t see it. 

5 – Lexus CT200h

Not much more than a posh Prius with an inflated price. It would have been overtaken many times by newer rivals were it not already at the back.

4 – Nissan Micra

Some cars make this rogue’s gallery because of one appalling impediment, but the Micra is here because it’s miserably mediocre in so many areas.

3 – BMW 7-series

It was probably the least desirable mainstream luxury saloon even when it was new back in 2008. Today, it’s mightily far off the pace.

2 – Alfa Romeo Mito TwinAir

Putting a two-cylinder, 0.9-litre engine in a Fiat Panda is charming. But it makes this under-achieving Alfa slow, dull and not even that frugal.


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What's on your list of the worst cars on sale today? Let us know below, and see the full list of the top 50 best cars on sale today here.

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20 December 2014
not to nitpick, but this choice is not consistent with Autocar's star rating system. most have 3 or 3.5 stars out of 5, only the Micra has 2.5. Seems odd that something like a 7 series (which is admittedly ripe for replacement) can make the list yet still get a reasonable star rating. make your mind up!

20 December 2014
This article is as poor as the performance of the autocar website

25 December 2014
supermanuel wrote:

This article is as poor as the performance of the autocar website

Yet you relentlessly follow the Autocar website and take the time to comment. Here's an idea : f/:k off?

20 December 2014
This sound more like the top 10 cars Autocar has taken exception to, because of its prejudices, than a real top 10 "worst cars" of the year.

Apart from two or three cars, the rest are pretty decent cars and certainly not worthy of being among the top 10 "worst cars" of the year.

20 December 2014
Overdrive wrote:

This sound more like the top 10 cars Autocar has taken exception to, because of its prejudices, than a real top 10 "worst cars" of the year.

Agreed...take the 7-Series for instance; it is perhaps not as good a car as most of its rivals, but naming it as one of the top 10 worst cars is too mentioned by other posters, there surely are worse cars which failed to make the list.

20 December 2014
I also believe putting the Micra on the list is a joke, its mass popularity and high sales means they must be doing something right, its not all about the fastest time around the ring, its about giving your target audience what they want, the Micra may not be exciting, or beautiful to look at, but its cheap to run, easy to drive, comfortable, well equipped, and on the whole with bullet proof reliability, exactly what it was designed to be.

20 December 2014
The Micra had its hey-day with the 3rd-generation K12(according to Wikipedia..). The current one is a hideous cost-reduced effort; something that should only be sold in the Indian+Chinese market.

20 December 2014
I think the list is broken. There isn't a single Vauxhall on it.

20 December 2014
A www poor you... It's ok...Just admit that Micra wasn't the best purchasing decision of your life ;)

20 December 2014
Surprised that any self-respecting hack would put their name to this kind of clap-trap, but somebody with the stature of Andrew Frankel- a car of the year jury member- should be ashamed.


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