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Limited edition, hand-crafted Range Rover under consideration; next Defender to be high-tech
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3 November 2015

Jaguar Land Rover bosses are actively considering a unique, limited-run, £200,000-plus Range Rover model as part of a concerted attempt to drive the brand even further upmarket.

The new model would put Range Rover in direct competition with the new Bentley Bentayga while offering much greater exclusivity thanks to production being limited to as few as 1000 units.

Speaking at the launch of the new Range Rover SVAutobiography model, Paul Newsome, Director of JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations division, said that he "could envisage" a flagship Range Rover which would have a base selling price of £200,000.

"I can see something that would sit above the existing Range Rover model. It would have to have a unique style and different looks [to the current Range Rover]," said Newsome.

Newsome said he was thinking along the lines of a car which would be partially hand-built. "You could imagine a car with aluminium [body] panels which would be hand-finished and hand-matched. Something that potential buyers could watch being made," he said.

Newsome added that he believed a car in this segment would be more about very high levels of craftsmanship, rather than simply adding ever greater amounts of technology. 

Autocar understands that any flagship Range Rover would be be based on the current model and be powered by the brand’s current V8 petrol and diesel engines or hybrid transmission.

Newsome gave no indication when a new flagship Range Rover model might appear, or how far the project has progressed within JLR’s SVO division. 

However, insiders have told Autocar that the average transaction prices of the first wave of orders for the Bentley Bentayga are as high as £250,000, showing that the market for an ultra-luxury SUV is stronger than many had anticipated.

Newsome also revealed that the as-yet unused SVX sub-brand - which is being reserved for vehicles with extreme off-road capabilities - will appear on a future version of the all-new Defender replacement.

He told Autocar that a future SVX Defender would have "much, much better" on-road abilities than today’s vehicle because of the new model’s underlying technical sophistication.

Newsome’s comment about the much-anticipated new Defender - which is expected to appear in 2017 - is the first solid evidence that the car will be far more upmarket than the iconic model it is replacing.

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3 November 2015
if JLR are going to build a £200k Range Rover , lets hope they spend £100k of that on reliability!
As far as I know, we always new they were going to re-position Defender and abandon its working roots...that market having been virtually taken over with comfortable, robust, reliable Japanese 4x4 pick-ups.

3 November 2015
A friend in Australia was persuaded by his children to exchange his stuffy old Land Cruiser for a Range Rover Sport.

On trips to the outback in the Toyota, he never gave it a second thought - Now he checks the Range Rover into the Garage for a full service before venturing into the sticks.

This says it all for me................


3 November 2015
As much as the Land Rover Ranger Rover has set the standard for luxury SUV's and as great as their current offerings are, should it be a Land Rover or a Jaguar that takes the fight to Bentley and the monstrosity that is the Bentayga? While it is the Ranger Rover that has, for the most part, owned that market all to its self, IMHP, it just seems as one moves up into that stratospheric realm of luxury vehicular motivation and price, something with a Jaguar name plate might be a better fit. While such a vehicle would no doubt be based on the Rover, its very limited run would keep it exclusive and prevent it from competing directly with the Ranger Rover. While I'm sure I'm way off base here, and I am certain that people are lining up to the left and down the hall to tell me just how far and out of touch I am, but isn't the Ranger Rover still "heavy" on the 4x4 side of the modern SUV? And while the Bentayga may have AWD, it will still be more LUXURY SUV then hulking king of the hill 4x4! So does it make some reasonable since, to consider a vehicle from Jaguar to compete with the Bentayga then an uber out fited Ranger Rover?

3 November 2015
You make good points. A re skinned RR, styled along the lines of an extra large F Pace, could be a winner. Range Rover is probably their strongest brand, though, and no doubt the one judged most capable of sustaining a £200k price tag. Personally, the idea of blowing that much money on an SUV is ridiculous, but then I am not the target customer for these aggressive and stupid machines.


4 November 2015
You make a fair point wmb, and normally I would agree with you, the Jaguar name would be better suited to take the fight to Bentley....except Range Rovers are already in the high £100k segment. I looked at a LWB model on the Land Rover stand at the Southampton Boat show and was staggered at the price (admittedly boosted by options) £160-170k. So Range Rover is already in this price point, Jaguar is not, AND only just entering the SUV market. They are just not ready yet.
Also Range Rovers have been the choice amongst many media mogul types to be chauffeured around in...god knows why as they aren't easy (in standard wheelbase form) to get in and out of the back doors....particularly for ladies in posh frocks at 'red carpet does'. So I guess it was a small step for Range Rover to offer a LWB version and subsequent ever more exclusive spin-offs to fleece their customers with.
Poster 'themangood' also makes a good point in that VW's SUV sells better with a Audi or Porsche badge nailed to the bow....put simply the Range Rover name carries it in the right quarters...look around the car park of a Polo field and a Range Rover is unashamed amongst the exotica, or in a Dubai shopping mall drop-off point.
In terms of off-road ability there is less emphasis on 'mud-plugging' and more on an ability to traverse sand dunes at Big Red...for obvious reasons, that why Cayennes and Q7's...and the new Bentayga will have more than enough off-road credibility. Wide wheels are a positive advantage in sand!

3 November 2015
But the snipet of news about the Defender is both interesting and worrying. However, details on the Defender remain scarce so I'm still holding out hope for a replacement that it true to the Defender nameplate.


3 November 2015
If I worked for JLR, I would see the new Bentley as a huge opportunity, if only because it opens up a new market that would allow JLR to move the next RR even further upmarket. If the base model costs just shy of 100k, then the top line models will run close to 150k. This makes 200k for a limited run model much more realistic. The possibility of higher profit margins might be rather tempting too......

3 November 2015
£200k makes this the male equivalent of those stupidly expensive handbags. There really must be that many rich idiots.

3 November 2015
A Range Rover is still a Range Rover whatever price you sell it at. At 200K you are not just buying a car, you are also buying into the name and tradition. RR do not have that cachet to compete at that level. that is why VW SUV's sell better as Porsche Cayennes and Audi's.

5 November 2015
If my memory is correct don't Jaguar-Land Rover own the Daimler brand so surly this would be a perfect fit for JLR's super luxury brand, (Jaguar-Land Rover- Range Rover-Daimler) and then if they decided to produce a small luxury vehicle below Jaguar XE they could make a car to battle the Audi A3 etc and call it a "Rover" ?? and what about a premium supermini to take on the MINI and Audi A1 and call it a "City Rover".

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