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Recalls issued elsewhere in the world are said to be the result of specific climatic and road conditions

Volkswagen UK has revealed that it sees no reason to issue a recall for its seven-speed dual shift DSG gearbox equipped cars, saying that the problems that have led to recalls in other parts of the world for cars fitted with the same part are a result of specific climatic and driving conditions.

This week VW, Audi and Skoda issued a recall in Australia and New Zealand for cars fitted with the gearbox, codenamed DQ200, as a result of a fault with its mechatronic system. That added to recalls already issued in China, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, and followed 100 complaints from VW owners in Australia relating to an apparent power loss.

However, although the Australian-specification VW's use the same DQ200 gearbox as UK cars, a spokesman explained: "It is a problem that relates only to temperate countries with a high incidence of stop and start driving. It requires a set of circumstances - humidity, temperature, dust and congested driving conditions - that we simply don't see in the UK.

"We have robust systems in place to monitor potential problems and, although we have around 48,000 cars on the road equipped with DG200 gearboxes, we haven't seen any failures that we can attribute to this problem." 



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AddyT 14 June 2013


My sincere apologies as I've only just seen your question. 

I'm sorry to hear you've had such bad experiences with yours down there. I am indeed in the South East. My local dealer is Northgate Bury St Edmunds. Never had a problem with them and they really impressed me with the recent mirror issue. Very polite and helpful, aren't patronising and I would recommend anyone to them. 

Hope this helps Smile




winniethewoo 14 June 2013


Thanks for replying, but alas, a bit too far away from me!

winniethewoo 14 June 2013

Thinking about it, I think VW

Thinking about it, I think VW UK has a policy of "if it aint broke, dont fix it".  When something on my car clearly went out ie. when my throttle sensor went caput, producing an error code, they fixed it quickly and without fuss.  When it was a potential future problem ie, whining fuel pump, screeching accessory belt, they denied all culpability.   I guess it makes economic sense on their part.  Fix DSG gear boxes as problems arise.  If 50% breakdown and the other 50% dont, then it will save them having to fix half the DSG gearboxes out there.

They dont seem to think about those people whose DSG boxes will fail.  They certainly didnt care about the fuel pump in my car.  I got the impression that they thought it might whine on for a while before breaking and dumping me at the side of the road at which point they would fix it.

Ill tell you what.  I wont be buying another VW, nor from reading these posts, any product made by the VW group, unless they change towards a customer focus.

fadyady 13 June 2013

VW: The customer is always wrong

It seems that VW have Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell as their spin doctors. The mighty group can twist the truth and delay the rot but in the end the truth will be out.

Flatus senex 14 June 2013

fadyady wrote: It seems

fadyady wrote:

It seems that VW have Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell as their spin doctors. The mighty group can twist the truth and delay the rot but in the end the truth will be out.

In the old (air cooled) days garages hated dealing with VW vehicles because the owners swallowed complete the myth that this was an unique vehicle which never went wrong. When, inevitably, problems happened, as a consequence it had to be the fault of the incompetent garage didn't it? The 1500cc model had a party piece of seizing up as happened to someone I once knew.

Sounds as if some current models have their own party pieces as well.