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Four generations of Japan's big GT

The Toyota Supra was produced from 1979 to 2002 and went through four generations. Originally starting off as a sideline of the Celica, and largely being based on this car, it became a model in its own right when the Mk3 arrived in 1982.

Hi-res history of the Toyota Supra

Autocar's Toyota Supra buyer's guide

All versions have featured six-cylinder power, the final Mk4 version getting twin turbochargers to push power up to 326bhp in the UK. This model arrived in 1993, costing £40,000 but featuring the performance to scare Porsche 928 drivers.

New Toyota Supra on course for 2018 launch

Toyota gave up with the Supra after the Mk4 version and slowly moved away from sleek high-performance GTs. The Lexus LFA, however, arguably rekindles the flame, albeit with a price tag of £343,000.

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freeflyer 3 November 2009

Re: Toyota Supra history in pics

The mk3 also had twin turbo versions. A 2.0tt and a 2.5tt, although they are only available as import.

The 2.5tt was basically a shorter stroke mkiv engine, again delivering 280bhp the same as the mkiv TT.

suman 1 November 2009

Re: Toyota Supra history in pics

I loved the Mark III Supra and owned two of them back in the nineties, both the Turbo and NA versions. I couldn't afford the Mark IV version at the time but might try to find one now.

dagobah_tony 1 November 2009

Re: Toyota Supra history in pics

Ahh the Mk3 turbo, targa in black. one of my bedroom wall posters when I was 14. It was next to a poster of Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) when wearing that bikini whilst tied up.