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What sort of bike should wear an Ariel badge?

The next model to roll out of Ariel's Somerset factory could be a motorbike.But how should Ariel go about making a bike worthy of the badge that created the Atom track car?Simon Saunders, owner of Ariel Motor Company, has certain criteria that should be met."We don't want to make a faster bike; that's been done. An Ariel bike has to be measurably better in some other way. It could be an electric performance bike, it could be more lightweight, agile and usable, it could even be single cylinder. Nothing is decided yet – it's open for discussion."It's not even definite that the project will get the go-ahead, as that decision will be made following the feedback the company gets.If the bike does go into production, it wouldn't be the first two-wheeler to wear an Ariel badge. The company has been in existence since the late 19th century, and was primarily a motorbike manufacturer until it ceased production in 1967.These bikes were renowned for being at the forefront of technology, and this is something that Saunders wants to capture in the new bike.It doesn't matter if you're not a biker; everybody has a say. So why not click on the link below and let us know what you think should define the Ariel motorbike?

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jerrysq4 10 January 2008

Re: Ariel gets back on its bike

Ariel name for motorcycle seems the property of the AOMCC. Triumph name is on 'japan style' motorcycle, Norton 'modern' production just use the fame of the name what a pity; don't do the same for Ariel. if somebody have money for making a new Ariel bring back to live the famous mono cylinder or the square four using good materials and good technology that's enough to make a great motorcycle. remember that when Sangster sold the factory to BSA the employees made a strike as they want to keep the high level of their work ! in a recent past Yamaha make a single cylindre 500cc not as good as the Ariel VH Red Hunter : 100mph in 1936 the fasted road bike :-)