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Autocar's journalists reveal their pick of the LA motor show, which range from an S-class-rivalling Kia to an outrageous, SUV-sized convertible

Unlike the Tokyo motor show, happening at the same time but halfway around the world, the LA motor show was less about concepts and more about production models.

Although both headline models have been teased, previewed and photographed in varying stages of disguise for months, the Jaguar F-type coupé and Porsche Macan lead the way for a truly packed-out show.

Elsewhere, Nissan pulled the wraps off its highly anticipated Juke Nismo RS, while also showing a Nismo-tuned Sentra concept as well. The Mercedes GLA45 AMG was also shown for the first time, appearing in race livery and, officially, still in concept form before the production model goes on display in the spring. 

Meanwhile, VW lead the charge for electric vehicles with its e-Golf, while Toyota showed off the results of its latest safety advances with its driver-awareness research vehicle and Hyundai revealed its new Tucson fuel cell concept.

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Steve Cropley

Kia K900

Just a few years ago we'd all have smirked to hear Kia say it intended to challenge the Mercedes S-class, but this new K900 – with its handsome exterior and plush cabin – shows how real that prospect now is. Sure, the name-appeal can't match Mercedes, but the quality and space are not far behind the German car, and an aura of desirability surrounds it. To me, success seems assured. 

Mark Tisshaw

Jaguar F-type coupé

It’s hard not to look past the F-type for best-in-show honours. As nice as the convertible is, this fixed-roof version is the F-type you’re really going to want: lighter, stiffer and, best of all, even cheaper. With even faster RS and possibly RS-GT versions to come, Jaguar’s reputation as a maker of sexy and exciting sports cars is restored. 

Stan Papior

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT

Huge wheels, wheel arches taller than the cabin, and extremely long, the Mercedes-Benz Vision GT, created only for a Playstation game, harks back to an era when concept cars were a far-flung look into the future, bit mad and never going to be built but none the worse for that. 

Matt Burt


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Porsche's 'junior Cayenne' promises and delivers on its dynamic and performance prowess to be be the most sporting SUV of its size. However, the market has changed with the newrivals threatening to challenge the Macan's crown, so does it have the stomach for a fight?

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Youabian Puma

Yes, it is ugly, but the Youabian Puma drew more comment and interest than a host of bland saloons from major manufacturers. Powered by a 7.0-litre V8 and standing as tall as a large SUV, it costs a cool $1.1 million, if you can bear the 18-month build time.

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