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Jaguar Land Rover to rival BMW, Mercedes and Audi for in-car connected tech as it reveals new justDrive app
Jim Holder
2 mins read
18 November 2014

Jaguar and Land Rover will offer a new app controlled by “one of the most advanced voice recognition packages in the world” from early 2015 as a result of a new tie-up with Silicon Valley-based technology company Cloud Car.

The deal, announced on the eve of the Los Angeles motor show, comes as the firm bids to accelerate its in-car connectivity technology offering to rival opposition from the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

The new app - called justDrive - will be available for use in any Jaguar or Land Rover fitted with the firm’s latest inControl Apps system. It will work with both Apple iOS8 and Android phones.

The firm claims the app allows owners to integrate multiple apps into a single, voice-activated in-car function. Services it can integrate include Spotify, Twitter and Yelp. It will also allow better voice control of the navigation system, or the driver to dictate text messages, for instance.

It is described by its makers as offering “an unprecedented level of connectivity for navigation, media, social interaction, voice search and information services while minimising driver distraction.” Jaguar Land Rover’s inControl Apps system will already allow a driver to control all these functions through the car’s touchscreen.

Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Apps system will offer 18 apps including Stitcher, IheartRadio and Parkopedia when it launches in January 2015. It will be free to download and will be continuously updated as new technology is launched.

In addition to launching the new app, Jaguar Land Rover has also announced it is opening its first overseas R&D facility. The £2m new initiative will focus solely on future infotainment and connected car technologies and be based in Portland, Oregon. The 30 engineers based at the facility will work with the 240 already employed in the UK to work on connected car technology.

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18 November 2014
"justDrive" into the back of me in your overpriced tractor whilst playing with your distracting toys.

18 November 2014
Another example of technology employed by JLR that will leave BMW. Audi and Mercedes floundering with their unreliable, complicated and low tech multimedia, comms and functionality systems. Yet JLR probably won't get the recognition for leading its rivals in yet another element of car design and technology. Anyone who has used iDrive, MMI or Command will know how poor their usage and reliability are, especially voice activation and component (e.g. Phone) connectivity which are some of the worst around. JLR have wisely waited to see how poor their rivals systems have been performing during the last 10-15 years before introducing a game changing and reliable multimedia set-up that will set new standards.

18 November 2014
He clearly havent used any of the mentioned systems (iDrive, MMi or COMMAND. By the way no company in the world waits for '10-15' years and let competition sail-by, first aim of a company is to make MONEY!!!!
i usually refrain from commenting about other people's stupidity but this is just awful!!

18 November 2014
Ahhh Roadster. You don't half make me chuckle!

18 November 2014
It's called "justDrive." How ironic. Here's an idea -- let's actually JUST DRIVE while we're driving and "connect" when we're not. This whole trend is sad, disturbing, dangerous, and rapidly getting worse.

19 November 2014
Speedraser wrote:

It's called "justDrive." How ironic. Here's an idea -- let's actually JUST DRIVE while we're driving and "connect" when we're not. This whole trend is sad, disturbing, dangerous, and rapidly getting worse.

You mean, actually pay attention to what is happening on the road immediately outside the car, who would ever have thought of doing something so obvious?

19 November 2014
...I have to agree with carnut, you clearly haven't used these systems. I used the MMI on an A1 for 3 years and had no issues what so ever.
Indeed Jaguar should be commended on offering such a system, but it certainly won't leave BMW, MB et al embarrassed by any stretch of the imagination.
P.S. I've just fitted a Pioneer system that mirrors my iPhone to my 06 VW Jetta, it's essentially what JLR are offering :o)

19 November 2014
...why the frigging hell do I want 'social interaction' whilst I'm in the car? And then in the next breath claim to 'minimise driver distraction'?!

19 November 2014
i tested touch screen in simulation, i was asked to change radio channels on JLR touch screen years ago, with a driving simulation so steering wheel peddles and a driving screen. I was asked for my feedback after completing the task...i simply said "was i driving at the time" the instructor said "yes"....I replied "then i crashed"

I have had lingatronic in the last 3 mercedes thats 3 years a piece and a twirly joystick never had an issue, jumped in all 3 cars straight off and it works.

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