Information published on manufacturer's Dutch website says refreshed all-electric hatchback will offer a 248-mile range from a new 41kWh battery
Sam Sheehan
28 September 2016

The 2017 Renault Zoe will have a claimed range of 248 miles according to early details that were accidentally published on Renault's Dutch website last night.

Revealed: upgraded Renault Zoe gets 250-mile range 

That’s an increase of 108 miles over the outgoing car and comes thanks to a new 41kWh battery, up from 22kWh. It means the 2017 Zoe can travel 93 miles further than a Nissan Leaf on one full battery charge, although real world driving ranges can often be less than the claimed figure.

According to the Dutch information the top-specification variant of the 2017 car produces a maximum of 89bhp, with a middle specification offering 87bhp and then 76bhp for the entry-level model, meaning a more affordable version of the Zoe looks set to be added to the line-up. There's no confirmation that all of these variants will be offered in the UK.

Just one picture was included with the leaked release. It shows a car looking similar to the current Zoe, suggesting the facelift’s most significant updates are beneath the skin.

The technical details have since been removed from Renault’s Dutch media site. The 2017 Renault Zoe will make its official debut at the Paris motor show tomorrow

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Renault Zoe

Bespoke battery-powered supermini aims to advance the cause of electric cars at the mainstream end of the market

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28 September 2016
If the genuine range was anything remotely resembling 248 miles, I'd be amazed.The present one does about 150 km (90 miles) so doubling the battery capacity might get you to 300 km or 180 miles.

28 September 2016
I've never really understood the point of the Zoe, if Renault want an electric hatchback why not just offer an electric Clio?

28 September 2016
That's far enough for most. Looks like the business model will be pick your car, then performance then finally choose your battery size that fits your needs. We're reaching the point, over 200 miles, that exceeds most people needs, certainly for a second car, so the next issue will be price. Looks like Renault are onto a winner, the Zoe has gradually been increasing it's sales in the UK and Europe.

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

28 September 2016
@owen EVs have completely different packaging needs. The cars that do well are those which were built from the ground up as an EV (Tesla, i3, Leaf, Zoe)

@xxxx The way to look at EVs is in total cost of ownership. They're more expensive to purchase but on the flip side electricity costs are tiny compared to fuel and servicing is low (My i3 came with 10 years free servicing). Most people lease them so making comparisons becomes easier.

This new generation of EVs probably have as much range as most folks would want. The challenge now will be getting good distribution of fast charging stations so you can charge when needed rather than planning as you do now (UK, NL, NO are obviously much further ahead here than other countries).

28 September 2016
Look forward to extra range in future without the penalty of extra weight.

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