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New drop-top variant of LC coupé lands in V8 form at the Los Angeles motor show, ahead of 2020 on-sale debut
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20 November 2019

Lexus has revealed the production version of its LC Convertible in ‘500’ V8 form, alongside confirming some of the model’s final specifications.

Expected to go on sale in the UK in the first half of 2020, the LC Convertible debuts first as the LC 500: like the coupé, it’s powered by a 465bhp 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8. No performance figures are quoted, but Lexus quotes a weight figure of 2040kg - just over 100kg more than the coupé.

As such expect it to be capable of 0-62mph in around five seconds, but the top speed may be dropped from the 168mph of the coupé. The LC Convertible also expected to be offered in V6 hybrid form at a later date. 

With a contoured rear deck designed to store a retractable roof, the convertible retains the same dimensions as the LC coupé. It has a near-identical interior featuring the same 2+2 layout setting it up as a rival for high-end convertibles such as the Porsche 911 Cabriolet and BMW 8 Series Convertible.

The Japanese maker claims to have retained “similar handling dynamics” to the LC500 coupé, with added structural bracing to improve chassis rigidity plus a unique suspension tune, with what Lexus describes as "a performance dampener" that's said to boost ride comfort. 

As expected, the LC500 makes use of a lightweight, simple fabric-top roof mechanism that's similar to the kind used by most rivals. Lexus claims the four layer roof’s innovative folding technique allows engineers to “focus on accentuating the sleek lines of the convertible without the significant intrusions to trunk and cabin space that can come with a heavier, bulkier hard top. 

The roof, whose supporting frame isn’t visible through the fabric, can be opened and closed at speeds up to 31mph, opening in just 15 seconds and closing in 16. The car can also automatically manage its air-con, seat heaters, neck heaters and steering-wheel heater to keep the cabin at the ideal temperature, even with the roof down. 


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The top itself can be specced in either black or beige, with an extensive choice of exterior colours. A transparent polycarbonate wind deflector improves roof-down refinement, and Lexus has introduced an intake diaphragm to carry real-life sounds from the engine bay into the cabin. 

For 2021 - so likely towards the end of next year - Lexus will add in Android Auto connectivity and Amazon Alexa to complement the car's Apple CarPlay features.

Lexus executive vice president Koji Sato told Autocar at the Goodwood Festival of Speed that the marque wanted the LC Convertible to be “even sharper and more refined,” than its coupé sibling. He added: “There is a family feel between the coupé and convertible, but they are not exactly the same. The character of the suspension and chassis are different, and we’ve also had to think what tuning is necessary to match the body rigidity of a convertible.”

Autocar understands that a production LC Convertible has been prioritised over a range-topping F variant of the LC in Lexus’s product plan due to its higher potential for global sales.

As a result, the LC Convertible is being positioned as a halo model for Lexus, with the company hinting that its design will serve as the inspiration for future models. 

Talking at the concept’s reveal in January, David Christ, Lexus Group vice president, said the LC coupé is "one of the most sought-after vehicles we’ve produced. From the moment we finished it we’ve been thinking of what comes next". He continued: "This concept signals the future direction of our brand.

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11 January 2019

Very nice, Lexus, very nice.

11 January 2019

Even more beautiful and dramatic than the coupe.

20 November 2019
jason_recliner wrote:

Even more beautiful and dramatic than the coupe.

But, was it sold here in the previous gen?, I can't recall ever seeing one...?

20 November 2019

fANTASTIC LOOKING Lexus. Of course it will be built to amazing standards as all Lexus seem to be. A car that will keep on giving  without major hiccups especially the hood mechanics

love that blue colour

11 January 2019

Apart from the silly show car wheels that is wonderful. Cant see it being much under £100k, but worth it from looks alone.

11 January 2019

Not sure about the grill but it's a good looking convertible, in an ever shinking market.  Just a shame it's going to be £60k+

11 January 2019

The rear looks so much better now that they have removed the chrome from the rear light cluster.  Funny how small details can improve the way something looks

11 January 2019

No, I still don't think the Toyota's style vocabulary suits sports cars.

The abrupt verticals work against the notion of forward motion too abruptly, and interupts the idea of flow, but unlike an F1 car from which I suspect some of the design cues derive, it doesn't suggest power to me so much as hesitance.

Overall, still too much of the Transformers look for my taste.


11 January 2019

Well, given the volume of traffic, cameras and speed-limited roads, this thing has its place. If you're going to extravagantly flaunt your mechanical illiteracy and avoid any pretensions of 'schporty' driving, you might as well look good, sound good and get there reliably. Bravo Lexus.

11 January 2019

Very striking indeed.some beautiful angles in the front styling, the interior looks great,with Lexus peerless build quality & reliability,what's not to like????


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