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Acura Precision Cockpit interior concept will likely make production in the Honda NSX hybrid supercar, before being adapted for all future Honda production vehicles

Honda has revealed a new high-tech dashboard concept at the LA motor show, which is believed to give clues to how an updated Honda NSX interior will look initially, before featuring on all production cars in the future.

Called the Acura Precision Cockpit, the dashboard concept is described as “a near-production interior styling and technology concept” that is “inspired by the NSX”.

Highlights include a wide, ultra-clear, 12.3in digital display in place of traditional instrument dials, plus an infotainment screen that sits in the middle of the dash, angled at the driver. Images and colours on the screen change according to the driver’s mood and the selected driving mode.

The central screen is controlled via a curved touchpad located in the centre console between the seats, in the style of Audi’s MMI or BMW’s iDrive systems.

Through this screen, the driver can engage semi-automated driving technology and a variety of connectivity functions: for instance, it will display other cars in close proximity, distinguishing which are being driven autonomously and which are under the control of a human. It will also recognise pedestrians and cyclists and use artificial intelligence (AI) to predict where they will move. Honda says this will build confidence in drivers that its autonomous systems are capable of making the right decisions.

In addition, Honda has highlighted the use of high-end materials on the dashboard, including brushed metal, natural wood, leather and Alcantara finishes, plus the use of ambient lighting around the car’s interior. All of these touches are expected to become part of future Honda production models in time.

The interior concept has been created by Acura - Honda’s upmarket US brand - to complement its Acura Precision Concept car, which was revealed to show how its cars’ exteriors will look in future.


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scotty5 17 November 2016

I wouldn't read too much in to it.

If there's one problem that Honda suffers from it's self-importance. Customer clinics? Nah, the customer does what Honda tells them to - that's Honda philosophy.

Ever since they stopped using off-the-shelf Pioneer head units and looked inhouse, Honda have messed up when it comes to user interface. The crowning glory is the current touchscreen units ironically named 'Honda Connect' because they don't seem to connect to anything, or at least the one in my HR-V doesn't. The salesman is quick to point out that the screen has an HDMI input, but he's not so quick when you ask him to demonstrate it's use. And even if it could connect, there's no way you'd be able to work out how to do it as current Hondas have the most frustrating head units I've ever come across.

What Honda are showing off here has been done before, they're simply re-inventing the wheel and I suspect will make a balls up of it as per usual.

typos1 17 November 2016

I cant understand why

I cant understand why manufacturers persist with either touchscreens or idrive type controllers, what you want in a car is a mouse/trackpad on the steering wheel so you dont have to take your hands off it, its not rocket science, it bloody obvious !!
Acstede 17 November 2016

woo thats bad

woo thats bad, it will date in seconds....boring
Acstede 17 November 2016

woo thats bad

woo thats bad, it will date in seconds....boring