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Herbert Diess stresses difference between US and European dieselgate fixes once again

Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess has hit back at calls from the European Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová to pay compensation to European customers affected by the dieselgate emissions cheating scandal.

Jourová alleged again that VW broke EU consumer legislation with its emissions cheating, and said that it has failed to meet consumer demands by taking more than a year to fix the issues.

“VW needs to ensure that consumers are treated fairly on the issue,” she said.

However, Diess described Jourová's comments as “very hard to understand”, and stressed that VW was making good progress with enacting the fixes.

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He said: "We are well underway with implementing what is effectively a 20-30 minute software fix, and we’ve had very few complaints.

“The expectations that we would do the same for customers in Europe as the US are unrealistic, because the situations are completely different. In the US the situation was more complicated: the fixes required two or three dealer visits, the fixes couldn’t guarantee we met all our guaranteed standards and as a result residual values were affected. None of that is the case here.

“All official organisations that have tested our fix have agreed that there is no effect on the cars in Europe."

VW reached a $10 billion settlement with customers in the US, but has said it won’t compensate the eight million European customers with affected cars. An official VW statement also criticised Jourová's comments as “incomprehensible” and said they “could discourage customers from coming to the repair facilities”.

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fadyady 7 March 2017

History tells us

Asking criminals nicely never works. Take the example of the Americans. They asked Volkswagen nicely for a whole year. No joy. Volkswagen's reply was the same as is here in the UK and Europe. Pay for what? We haven't done anything wrong! About time EU stops asking them and makes them pay.
Dilly 7 March 2017

I doubt they care

About the loss of your custom. Stick to Toyota with your 70% loss in value after 3 year's. But hey at least you get a rear view camera as standard....and you can live guilt free knowing that by boycotting VW you are a moral saint.
Granturismo 7 March 2017

How have they treated EU

How have they treated EU customers like dirt? What they did was wrong, but EU customers have not suffered any kind of loss, either to performance or economy of their cars or the future value of them.